Friday, January 07, 2005

"Quality Girls: Part Deux"

Did anybody ever see those movies "Hot Shots" and "Hot Shots: Part Deux"? I never saw them, but I remember how funny my dad thought they were, so they've always stuck in my mind. (Along with many other meaningless factoids!) Ok, before I move on to more important more stories from the Wildhorse...I would like to make one comment about Rhonda's anecdotes. After I refused the drunk, married guy a ride, I DID offer him money for a taxi if he needed it. And you know WHY I did that? Because this is a Grade A Quality girl right here, that's why! Why, quality is my middle name! That's right folks, you can call me Emily QUALITY Borders from now on. In fact, I'm resorting to my younger days and refusing to answer to anything BUT Emily QUALITY Borders.

The first person to sing last night was really talented, had great stage presence, and brought a large fan club with him. So I'm thinking, "Wow, we're in for a night of great singers!" Then came contestant "numero deux", who completely threw that theory out the window. She comes on stage, and I try to overlook her crazy curly blond hair that looks like a pom-pom quite honestly. But then she starts singing and flipping the pom-pom back and forth, back and forth with the music. It's all I could look at after that. On top of that, she's a pretty poor singer, EXTREMELY twangy, and acts like a complete ditz in between songs, giggling and such. By the end of the second song, I couldn't take it any more and I said, "where's a hook when you need one?" (You know, the hook they put out on the stage and pull the person off?) Then, without thinking, I yelled out, "Hook Her!" But somehow my words combined and I yelled "Hooker!" luckily think only a couple people heard me. It was a true "trumboner" moment, wasn't it Rhonda?

We had a pretty good streak of talented singers after that...although not without laughs. The biggest laugh of the night came when Willie Mac performed. And, no, it wasn't just his name that was hilarious. Willie chose to sing Elvis' "Little Sister" complete with hip swings and fancy guitar moves. One such guitar move involved a backwards hop thing (for lack of a better description)...and then all you saw were arms flailing as Willie fell back and onto his back. At first, Rhonda thought he may have meant to do it...taking his rocker guitar moves to the floor. But oh no! The guy fell flat on his back and then couldn't get his guitar untangled for the rest of the song. No more swanky Elvis moves for you! But I will say he recovered nicely despite having to get a new guitar because his was out of tune from the fall. Who knows...maybe the fall helped him stick in the judges' minds? At least that's what he's hoping this morning!

Other highlights were Dylan Dixon (could his name BE any more perfect for a country singer?) and Ward Guenther (sp?) who we sort of knew...friend of a friend kinda thing. Dylan sang Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You" and he did a great job. Rhonda thought he could've showed a little more passion, but I thought he did a great job. Ward came on (and had a huge cowd there!) and immediately asked everyone if they wanted a little Willie. Some girls (his friends mind you) yelled out for him to take his shirt off, and he said, "Now I just asked you if you wanted a little Willie." I think the whole thing was staged personally. My overall opinion on Ward is that he's a great singer, but he just doesn't seem "country" enough. Of course, many country stars aren't country themselves, but Ward seemed a little too "just stepped out of a frat party."

All in all, this was a very "blog-worthy" night as they say. It's funny how the nights that you don't expect to be blog-worthy are, and the ones you hype up turn out to be insignificant. "Buried at sea...huh?!"

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