Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Focker of the Opera

Time to update the movie review list. I finally saw Meet the Fockers with Jannelle last week. My opinion is that no sequel is ever as good as the first movie. You can argue this point with me all day, but I stand firm in this opinion. After the original, you go into the sequel with expectations, and preconceived notions. Now in rare cases the 2nd movie is as good as the first (Shrek 2, Back to the Future II) but even these are few and far between. You can guess what this is leading up to. Meet the Fockers was enjoyable. I laughed out loud a few times, but it in no way measured up to the magnitude of hilarity and feelings of pity for the protagonist, one Gaylord Focker. (I will pause briefly for a plangent: while walking back to the Penthouse-Mobile (i.e. Emily’s car) Saturday night after going to Tootsie’s, we passed the GEC. No longer will we Nashvillians refer to it as the GEC, but it is hereby dubbed the Gaylord Focker Entertainment Center.) Don’t get me wrong- it was an enjoyable evening, and money well spent. Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streissand were incredibly funny. This film could not have stood on its own two feet without them. But all in all, I give it a big One Thumb Up.

Now. Last night, I went with the other Bradley women plus George to see Phantom of the Opera. First I will regale you with a blonde moment I had while waiting in line to buy concessions with L&G.
Me: (looking at the candy counter) what are S Q worms?
George: Those are Sqworms! (pronounced squirms)
Me: Oh. Well what kind of word has a Q with no U next to it? That’s stupid.

Do you wanna know what else was stupid? Phantom of the Opera. I won’t go into specifics on here of my serious issues I had with this film in case any of you out there feel like taking a chance on this movie, but if any are curious, email me and I’ll be glad to send you a detailed list of my querries with Mr. Schumacher’s piece of debauchery he calls Andrew Lloyd Webber’s the POTO. Am I getting across to you all how much I despised the movie?? And I am a huge movie fan- I never walk out of films, and rarely start a movie without finishing it (that’s the slight OCD coming out in me), but I could have left before this one was over and not been disappointed at all. I was just flat-out bored. The two younger of the Bradley women give it Two Thumbs Down. However, I will put a disclaimer and say that the eldest of the Bradley women (and that of course would be Momma B), absolutely loved it. So if any of you out there in TV and wish to waste 2 ½ hours of your life, then she will no doubt accompany you for a second viewing.


Rhonda Lu said...

I forgot about the GAYLORD FOCKER ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!!!!!!!! (For those of you non-Nashvillians, "GEC" stands for Gaylord Entertainment Center. Hence, the witty addition of Focker.)

Anonymous said...

isn't it awesome how open bradley is in her opinions? hehehe, just kidding sweet girl. you know i heart you (but not huckabees). anyway, for anyone who may still be curious about "phantom," i give it one and a half thumbs up (don't ask me how i did it, i'm double jointed and that's all you need to know). this movie was a good representation of the actual "rock opera" that ALW wanted this show to be. no, it's not the original, and that's no michael crawford you're seeing, but it's a different view of what a creative mind was actually trying to accomplish. and for all you trivia buffs out there, the "phantom" in the movie was the original singer that ALW had chosen for the original broadway production, but he had to change his mind after a few backers "suggested" that michael crawford should be in the show. (hmmm, sounds a little like the plot from "phantom"....oooh, creepy) ~ari

Tadd said...

That was AN nice post, Amanda! I really "laughed out loud". I especially liked the SQworms part. Where did you get that hysterical title for your blog?

Jenni said...

People in other parts of the country make fun of the GAYlord entertainment center. I try to explain to them that Gaylord owns half the city, but it doesn't seem to sway the amusement in the title. Anyhoo, I like your movie opinions! Gives me advice on how to go spend my $7 wisely. :-)

MamaB said...

POTO was definitely a BIG two thumbs up in my opinion and although Amanda and I argued all the way from the theater to the car very loudly about out differences on this movie, I would go back and see it for sure and plan on buying it as soon as it comes out. Thanks to Ari for letting me hear that the phantom was ALW's first choice as I thought he was wonderful along with all the cast and especially Patrick Wilson. Don't pay attention to the little diva and listen to her wise old mother, GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!!