Friday, January 07, 2005

high quality blogging

Wow much to tell! And I haven't blogged much recently (darn job) so the wealth of information you are about to receive will make up for that. Last night Emily and I went to the Wildhorse Saloon to watch the regional finals of Nashville Star. For those of you not familiar with that TV show, it's basically a country music American Idol. It broadcasts on USA and this is the 3rd season, hosted by LeAnn Rimes this year. Although it's taped in Nashville I've never been to a taping of it, so I thought the regionals would be fun. And they were! The place was packed and Emily asked this older couple if we could sit with them and they allowed us to. They were from GA and were on a road trip and spent the day in Nashville. They were so nice and the husband told us all about his 3 kids and his grandson who just turned 1 (complete will whipping out pictures from his wallet.) We think that through the duration of the night he had a little too much beer and the Mrs. got a little mad at him. Whoops! There were 4 men sitting at the table next to us and 3 of them left about halfway through the show. The lone ranger began chatting it up with Emily, asking her what we were doing after the show and where is a good place to go out, etc. It was probably at this time she noticed his wedding ring and explained that we were going home after the show because we have this thing called a JOB that we do on Fridays (she wasn't quite that sarcastic though.) He and his buddies who left him were in town for a coaches conference. I didn't think much of it but Emily's high-quality brain got to cranking and she just pondered the worst about this man's intentions - he's in a different town for a conference, his buddies left him, he's sitting alone drinking, asking younger women what they are doing later that night. You hate to think the worst, but seriously man (as Emily said) "Call your wife and tell her you love her. You'll thank me in the morning." No, she didn't say that but she wanted to, especially after he asked us if we could give him a ride as we were leaving. Em answered that one with a big fat "I don't THINK so."

It was the best people-watching opportunity that I've had in a long long time. If you don't know, people-watching is one of my very favorite hobbies. Yes there were lots of attractive guys there, but there was also the friends/families/fans of the singers (complete with signs), the people who obviously couldn't make it to the regional finals, the music business people, a couple friends, Cletus T. Judd, and a couple people I knew I knew but I didn't know where I knew them from :) I even saw the guy I call "Dave Barnes' brother" even though I have no idea if it's his brother, but he looks just like him and he's at every Dave show. He was there to support Ward Gunther but unfortunately Dave was nowhere in sight. Emily will comment on Ward and the other contestants.

It's always fun when you're riding in the car with friends and you just have great conversation, isn't it? Emily was telling me a problem about a "cooey-patootie" and we decided that she needs to just go "over" the obstacle. I know that made zero sense to everyone. Anyway, this guy wants a "high quality" girl and I told Em that she has "quality" stamped across her forehead, and she agreed that her middle name was Quality! So through the duration of the night, everything about Emily was alluded back to her quality. "Now that's what I call high quality E.E.B.!!!!" As we arrived back at the Penthouse we heard "Drop It Like It Hot", which we loooooove, on the radio. We proceeded to get out of the car and have a little impromtu dance party in the parking lot as Amanda drove up. Unfortunately she does not looooooove the song and would not join in our dance party :( Party pooper.

Later we were having a kitchen meeting (meaning we were all standing in the kitchen going through the day's mail, eating cookies, eating chips, showing off fun gifts, and talking) We used to have hall meetings but now apparantly we've moved to the kitchen. Em and I were telling Amanda what a blogworthy night we had experienced and being sentimental about when we all met each other for the first time. I was really enjoying the moment so I asked the girls if we could just live together forever and they agreed. So here's my formal announcement to the world: Amanda, Emily, and I are living together forever. Of course, the next thing we said was "It's going to be so sad when one of us gets married." So we decided we'd have to all get married on the same day. I said that we're all on the same track so far because we're all single, and Emily stated that that's because we are SUCH high quality girls. I apparantly found this absolutely hilarious because I proceeded to spew my coke out into the sink, and the other girls found that to be very entertaining. It's okay because every 5 years or so, you need to laugh so hard that you spew out whatever you're drinking, and it had been a while for me.


Amanda said...

Ward Gunther... GRRR!

I think it was about time that we moved our nightly meetings to the kichen. People always congregate in the kitchen at parties. Plus, there's no safer place to spew Coke out of your Nose!

Adam said...

Hopefully you all can make a tradition out of the Nashville Star Regional Finals. My friend Steve and I have been in the studio audience for the Easter-Eve episode for the past two years, and we plan on being there again this year. And since the show is live, you can show up and bring some big obnoxious signs that say something like We LOVE you, Numero Deux! That'll guarantee your face will make it onto our country's most respected cable TV network.