Monday, January 31, 2005

How about a Rhondavous?

Amanda forgot to mention our Opry pre-party. It's a VERY rare occasion that the Penthouse Pets are all home at the same time after work. It happened on Friday in the hour or so that we had before heading to the Opry. I decided to make some margaritas to go with dinner, which consisted of Baked Cheetos (they ARE good!) and french fries, a la Rhonda. Music makes any Penthouse gathering more fun, so one of my genius roommates decided to throw on some booty tunes, and we had ourselves a little spontaneous dinner and dancing in the kitchen with margaritas - much fun, much fun :)

(Getting ready to leave the house:)
Rhonda: Is it illegal for me to bring this [margarita] in the car?
Emily: Yes
Rhonda: Do you mind?
Emily: No

Have ya'll heard that new song, "Everybody at the Opry gettin' tipsy"??? You soon will....I wrote it Friday night! No, it really wasn't that bad but it doesn't take much for me to feel the effects. Combine that with the fact that alcohol makes me sleepy, and we were all having trouble keeping our eyes open during the show, minus the cutie-patooties that we went to see.

Sorry this was short and boring but it's back to work I go. Amanda Jane sends her love to everyone telepathically. telepathetically? yes? no? "I think I'm confused....wait....maybe not."

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