Friday, November 26, 2010

We came. We saw. We left.

We were some of the people who were out at 10 o'clock last night to go to Toys R Us when it opened.  Let me set the stage for you:  it was a dark and stormy (okay, rainy) night.  We had been through the ads, and knew what we were going for.  Dad and I had a plan.  Divide and conquer.  Get in, get out.  We weren't after the pricey gaming systems or electronics, so we were in no hurry to be the first ones in the store.  I just figured we'd go to Toys R Us that night and get a few things for Bradley while they were on sale, and while nothing else was open.  I guess therein lies the problem:  nothing else was open.

When we turned the corner into the Toys R Us parking lot and saw the bedlam, we laughed incredulously.  I didn't even attempt to park in their lot, and opted for the strip mall parking across the way.  I pulled out my umbrella and off we went.  A little after ten, people were still lined up outside the store to get in!  Some greedily clung to their shopping carts, as if they wouldn't get one upon entering the store.  Our jaws dropped as we continued back towards the end of the line, which we never saw, in the dark, in the rain, when we decided this was a ludicrous attempt, and to give up and go home.  Nothing I wanted to buy was worth this.  I have no idea how long it would have taken us to get in the store, much less check out.  It was a wasted trip.  You Thanksgiving shoppers are crazy- just CRAZY!  I do not include myself in the craziness because I didn't technically shop last night.  I wonder what Jesus must think of all this, I said to dad as we pulled out of the parking spot, while another car with its turn signal on waited for ours.

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