Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cheesin for Chucky

Today was a first for us- Bradley and I met up with Rachel and Mason and went to Chuck E. Cheese's for an impromptu play date.  I had been wanting to take Bradley to Chuck E. Cheese, so I was glad for the excuse to go.  It has been years since I was in one, so I had no idea what to expect when I walked in on a Saturday afternoon.  There was a line to get in the place, and a line to get out- the place was an absolute zoo!  We each cashed in $5 in tokens, and Bradley and Mason were happy to play the games and ride the rides while Rachel and I caught up.  The boys chose rides side by side, and after each ride they would giddily ask for "one more time" so we'd give them another token each, and continue our conversation.  Bradley tried his hand at ski ball which was always one of my favorites.  He wasn't strong enough to roll the balls, so I let him throw them (carefully) and he managed to make it work- only once or twice did the ball go awry into the lane next to us.

After playing for a while, the tokens were gone, and Rachel and I made the executve decision Not to eat pizza at the madhouse they call Chuck E. Cheese.  Try explaining that to a 2 year old, that it's time to go after I've just brought him to the place where a kid can be a kid.  One small meltdown later, we were on our way next door to Jason's Deli for dinner.  Both made for a fun Saturday evening excursion.

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Rachel said...

We had so much fun too! The boys are so cute together. However, next time I think we should do something less chaotic. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Talk to you soon!