Monday, November 08, 2010

Taking the Car over to The Turnip Truck

Queen MAB picked me up on my usual street corner (no, really!) and we went to the Tunip Truck for lunch today.  Apparently there's one location in east Nashville, and then there's this new locale in the Gulch.  What is the Turnip Truck?  Well I'm glad you asked!  It's an organic/natural foods grocery store with a cafe/food bar inside.  MA selected a salad, I chose a cup of french onion soup, and we both opted for hot pressed prosciutto and goat cheese paninis.  We also each selected bottles of organic iced tea to compliment our fare.

The weather was mild enough for us to take advantage of their outdoor seating, although there is indoor seating available as well.  Food wise, the panini was heavenly; the soup had an odd taste to it.  I probably would not get the french onion again.  We also sampled fresh homemade juice before we left made from carrots, apples, and ginger.  I'm not a fan of ginger enough to want to drink it in a juice I discovered.

After finishing our food and conversation, MA and I walked around the store to see what they had to offer.  Somehow the first aisle we perused happened to be the baby items, and as I pointed out the gdiapers (biodegradable liners that insert into a re-usable outer shell) a quirky stock boy caught wind of our conversation and inserted his two cents.  "Fuzzy bunnies,"
he said out of the blue,
"that's what we call them"
(referring to the diapers).  I think our blank expressions caused him to regret the interjection, and I believe it was Mary Anna who responded, "we?"
inquisitively since she expertly noted that he was not wearing a wedding ring.  All he would say was that "they" had 2 little ones at home, but it was kind of weird since he didn't clarify that they were his kids.  At any rate, he did make me feel rotten by quoting one statistic says that half of the waste in landfills are disposable diapers, and that the disposable diapers aren't biodegradable, aka, all two-plus years of Bradley's diapers are sitting somewhere rotting and stinking, but not breaking down or decaying the way a McDonald's french fry will stay in tact essentially forever in your stomach.  This tangent with the quirky stock boy went on for several minutes before he awkwardly agreed that this was a random conversation to be having, and walked away with us still having no idea what he was talking about with the fuzzy bunnies comment!

Let's just say the Turnip Truck is an interesting place both to dine and to shop.  I will be returning in the future as there is rumor of a gelato bar opening in the summer months. 

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Anna W. said...

i've seen the gDiapers before-- honestly, i think if i'm going to help the environment, i'd rather just cloth because the gDiapers are expensive to be buying over and over again! but yeah-- i definitely feel bad about filling landfills with diapers sometimes!