Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CMA bangs and busts

It was Country music's biggest night, so of course I had a running commentary going while watching the show.  I am a big fan of DVR when it comes to these awards shows.  We fast forwarded through the commercials, and through the annoying acts (Reba, Sugarland, and Rascall Flatts), and the boring acts (George Straight, Blake Shelton, and Dierks Bentley), and skipped straight to the banter between hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood and the acts and awards we wanted to see.  Without further ado, I give you my biggest bangs and busts of the 2010 CMA awards:
Bangs:  Brad Paisley with his awesome tribute to country music
Taylor Swift- she looked elegant at the piano, and for one who's usually pitchy live, she got stronger as the song went on.
Carrie Underwood- her dress was gorgeous, the stage and setting was regal, and she did was she does best- stood still, looked pretty, and sang!
Miranda Lambert- for a girl who's as country as cornbread, she can really rock.  (with one caveat- she came dangerously close to pulling a JoDee Mesina dance move twirling in circles on stage- my Nashville girls will remember this horror)

Busts:  Sugarland.  Yep, I fast forwarded through this and still can say without a doubt it was awful.  Jennifer Nettles theatrics at the song's opening complete with "the robot" dance and a fake tutu were enough to make me want to throw the remote at the tv.
Rascall Flatts- I hate the song that they performed, and the cheesy Vegas wedding chapel backdrop and stage props

Bangs:  Brad mistaking Lady A for Lady Gaga..."are you gonna at least wear your meat outfit?"
            I know the millions of fans who are watching on tv are probably thinking right now, where's Modern Family?
Busts:  a far-stretching that's what she said joke


Bangs:  For her age, Cheryl Crowe looked amazing.  If only we are well so blessed with great genes, and a great plastic surgeon.
Reba Mcintire sparkled in a royal blue gown
Carrie Underwood- I liked all her dresses, with the exception of the tutu one that was her last outfit, but specifically this dusty purple ball gown was gorgeous, and she pulled off the messy hair where others before her failed.

Kellie Pickler, what has happened to you?  Is she prego?  Nope, she's just filled out, and that big hair and dress didn't do her any favors.

Another bust- EMO goes country with the Family Perry

Other honorable Bust mentions: LeeLann Rimes in her fierce 'do, Martina McBride's awful hair, and Carrie Underwood's last tutu dress.  And I can't even mention Kid Rock's t shirt and jeans that looked like he rolled out of bed and came to Nashville.  What were they all thinking?
Power Couples:
Bangs:  Power Couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert each took home their respective vocalist of the year awards, and every other award or act it seemed featured Miranda.  I'm personally happy for them.  Neither of them are newcomers, and its nice to see them rising to the top after hovering in medicrity for so long.
Busts:  Tim & Faith have long faded into the distance, and there's really no other strong couples making headlines these days.

Closing Thoughts:

Gweneth, we get it.  You're promoting your what-looks-to-be-cheesy upcoming film.
I am always pleased when Brad Paisley wins (Entertainer of the Year) and could someone please explain to me, and the people who vote and nominate, the difference between song and single of the year?  It's late, people.  That's all I got.

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Kim and Josh said...

We had so many of these same conversations last night... like the single vs. song of the year (we should Google it) and how we wondered if Kellie Pickler was engaged, too! I for one usually love Sugarland, but she totally creeped me out! Great commentary... I think you should review all award shows!