Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ways to Laugh: Thanksgiving Thoughts

I was a guest blogger on my friend Bethany's blog this week.  She has a site called The Simple Day  that offers daily posts on simplifying different aspects of life.  I get the posts emailed to me every day, and have picked up some great recipes, and helpful hints around the house by reading her blog.

During the month of November, The Simple Day had guest writers offering their own thoughts on Thanksgiving.  You can read mine HERE .  The Huber side of the family will especially appreciate this, and what's even funnier is that all of the things I wrote about in this post were discussed around our own table at Thanksgiving with no prompting from me, since no one else had read this blog yet.

I feel that Thanksgiving is really the middle child of holidays, easily forgotten or squeezed in between Halloween and Christmas, and so I hope that everyone relished in their Thanksgiving, especially eating all the yummy leftovers, even amidst the Christmas decorations already up!

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