Monday, November 29, 2010

The Penultimate Post of NaBloPoMo

One of my favorite words I learned in college was the word penultimate, or, in plain English, second-to-last.  Being a music major, we were always discussing the penultimate measure in a piece of music, usually to try and pinpoint the cadence chord that ended the piece.  But technical speak aside, this is my second-to-last, or penultimate post for the month of November- Hooray!

I have really strived to find a variety of topics about which to blog, but tonight, I'll come back to an old standard of mine:  what's Bradley up to these days???

Physically:  He's a solid 34 pounds, but don't ask me how many inches tall he is- I forget.  The Buddah belly is still very much in place, and he wears a size 6-7 shoe, and a 2T in clothing. 

Mentally- the kid is smart.  Yes, I know, every mom thinks that about her child, well, so do I.  He recalls songs we sang a month ago, or hears a Bible story one time at church, and then is able to summarize it for me albeit very shortly, when we get home.  I get a sheet sent home that has the Bible story on it, so I know if he's on target or not.  He has several books "memorized" and can repeat verbatim phrases of the pages to me, and what he doesn't know word for word, he's pretty darn close.  He knows his numbers and shapes and colors, and recognizes most of his letters.  We have taught him the answers to such questions as, "Who was the first president of the United States?" "How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky- is it Loo-uh-vul or Loo-ee-ville?" (it's Frankfurt), and my favorite, "Who is the president right now?"  (His answer:  Barack O-Mama!!!!!!)

Verbally- he talks very clearly, has a large vocabulary, and sings songs all the time.  He comes home singing songs he learned at daycare, and just recently he has even started making his own songs up.  This makes Songbird Mama happy.

What he's into: Toy Story 2 right now- especially Buzz Light Year and Jessie.  He still has the attention span of a fruit fly, so he's constantly moving from thing to thing, and is resisting our nightly reading time right now (please, Lord, let this be a phase!). 

Favorite phrases:  "I can't!"  "What's that sound?"  "I want to go to Target to buy some Nerds."   Also recently he has cracked us up telling us he's "ready to rock and roll," and referring to anyone else in the room as "guys."

As we approach 2 1/2 I can see the ebb and flow of the terrible twos.  One week will be awful, the next will be fine.  Right now Bradley is whining and crying over the slightest thing that doesn't go his way (again, please Lord, let this phase pass quickly), but also for the longest time over the past few months his sleeping pattern was erratic, and that has calmed down over the past month, so for that I'm grateful.  I continue to chant the mantra "everything is a phase," and try to hang on and enjoy the ride.

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Kristen said...

Laughed out loud at "the attention span of a fruit fly." Hilarious :)