Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Remembering Sarah Bayrd

The world is now short one great educator.  I was truly saddened to learn this morning that one of the best teachers I ever had as a student, my high school AP U.S. History teacher, Ms. Sarah Bayrd was killed in a car accident while traveling in Greece with a friend.

This woman commanded attention.  She was a big lady with an even bigger personality.  Each day she greeted her "ladies and gentlemen" and read us random historical facts from her famous Book of Days.  "It's 1929, Ahhh, Mr. President, you are????" To which someone would answer with the corresponding president in office during the fact from that day in history.  She would always point out historical biographies as "poolside reading" whenever appropriate in the lesson, and classes years above you would warn you for your turn for the infamous Meat Packing Plant lecture day when she would enlighten you on Upton St. Claire's The Jungle, which brand of orange juice continues to allow the most bugs with the FDA (Donald Duck OJ), what hot dogs are really made of, and the legendary Bacon Hands anecdote.

The outpouring of comments on the Facebook tribute pages set up for her from decades worth of students is proof enough that this educator touched lives in a way that is larger than life.  Ms. Bayrd, you will be truly missed.

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