Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween recap

Last year, Bradley didn't know what candy was, and couldn't understand why we would knock on a person's door but not go in.  This year, he did much better.  With my prompting, he would knock on the door, say trick or treat, happy halloween, and thank you.  And we watched the post Halloween candy sugar rush happen before our eyes, and right before bedtime no less!

Because I'm tired and getting sick, and because I am sticking to my NaBloPoMo goal to blog every day this month, I got lazy and created a Halloween picture collage.  As you can see, Bradley was an adorable dinosaur.  I had to correct one well-meaning lady who thought he was a dragon when we trick-or-treated at her house. 

I was sick as a dog on Halloween, but I put on my big girl panties and carved pumpkins that morning, took Bradley to the trunk or treat event at Rolling Hills Community Church late that afternoon (which was excellent, for any of you in town with kids) and then trick or treating in our neighborhood that night.  By Halloween night I was beat!  I had some kind of stomach bug, and now it looks like there may be a sinus infection creeping in.  Anyways, B loved Halloween this year.  Any ghost he saw was always a "friendly ghost" because that's what they're referred to in his favorite Karen Katz Halloween book, "Where is Baby's Pumpkin?" 

In fact, Bradley liked trick or treating so much, that a few days later on my birthday, when prompted by Grandma and Papa to knock on my door that morning to give me a present, he said "Trick or treat" when I opened the door instead of "Happy Birthday."  It was too cute.

Oh, one more thing of note- I attempted to carve an Elmo face on our pumpkin, but you can't really tell. 

Alright folks, this Diva is off to to her reading and then to bed! 

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