Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sittin' Stone-faced with Santa

Yesterday we braved the mall to take Bradley to get his picture taken with Santa.  After this experience I can now say with certainty that of all the wonderful things Bradley is, what he is Not is photogenic!  After a tearful, terrible twos morning, I dressed Bradley in this handsome outfit to have his picture take with Santa.  He looks handsome, and also, less than thrilled!  I swear, it's not that he's a solemn child, he just photographs that way!
Round One:  we make it onto Santa's lap.  (Cool Springs Galleria Santa is creepy, by the way.  He has a pony tail behind his fake Santa hair, and a creepy fake-tooth looking smile.)  He's about the unfriendliest Santa too.  He didn't speak to the child unless spoken to, and all during the photo process had a plastered smile upon his face, immune to whatever the child was doing, or not doing as it was in our case. 
There Bradley sat.  Not scared and screaming the way some kids were, but not smiling and excited either.  He just sat there, stone faced and comatose, while me, mom and dad, and the photographer all took turns making fools of ourselves trying to elicit one single smile from Bradley's face.  Meanwhile sat Santa, with his frozen grin.
Here we are, for posterity's sake in front of the Santa sign.
After trying and failing, with no good pictures, I decided to give up and come back another time, but darned if that kid didn't give me the widest grins imaginable afterwards while we were fishing out fruit snacks to give him!  Daunted by the chore of doing this all over again another time, finding another day and time, getting Bradley dressed up and waiting in another long line, was overwhelming.  Suddenly there was a break in the crowd, and very few kids were now waiting in line to see Santa. 

Round Two.  We get back in line.  Bradley makes friends with a 3 year old boy behind us, and is all smiles... until we get back on Santa's lap.  This time, we get a quasi-grin, and this I'll take to avoid going through this all over again.

 So my adorable child refuses to smile for the camera.  That's okay.  A model he's not.  If you ask him about the whole experience he will tell you quite happily that he got to see Santa Claus.  Oh, and for the record, he asked Santa for candy canes for Christmas.  He should be pretty easy to please come Christmas morning!

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