Sunday, November 14, 2010

A rolling Moss gathers no (End)zone

Randy Moss went 1 for 5 for catches today with no touchdowns, but this post doesn't have all that much to with our newest Titan.

Getting home from church today, I switched Bradley into a Titans shirt so he could change out of his dressy church shirt. Once he was set, I then changed into jeans, and my own Titans shirt. Coming downstairs for lunch, I then noticed that mom had her Titans shirt on. Moments later, dad walked in with his team shirt on as well! Amused with our matchy-matchy-ness, we finished lunch and then I put Bradley down for his nap, and watched the first half of the game. A little while later, during halftime, Laura and George came over, and when they walked in, darned if they too didn't have Titans shirts on! It was too comical, so it called for a family photo.

While Bradley napped, Laura and I went shopping. Coming out of the first store, I said to her, "hey, you have an iphone, check the score of the game. I'd feel like a poser with this shirt on if I didn't know!"

A little while later as we were leaving the mall, we checked the score again and discovered that the Titans had let Miami beat them. Good thing we checked, because as we were walking to the car, a man shook his head sadly at us, and remarked that it hadn't been a good day for our team. Thankfully we knew the final score and could agree with him epathetically instead of looking like poser fans withour shirts on, who missed the 2nd half of Randy Moss' lackluster performance with his new team to go shopping instead!

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