Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A bit of randomness

Because I'm tired tonight, and have had my fill of tv, cherry pie and frozen yogurt, I am itching to get upstairs and read my chapters in Romans and then some Harry Potter before I zonk out for the night.  However, I am halfway through this NaBloPoMo challenge, and am committed to seeng it through!  So I give you, a bit of randomness:

Someone please give the girl on Parenthood her straightening iron back.  Her kinky fro hairdo is beyond unfortunate.

It only took me a few months at work, but I have officially earned my nickname "Pinky," back.

It's amazing what people will tell you, and ask you to pray for when you really follow through and pray for the people you say you're going to pray for.  What an awesome privilege and challenge!

I MAY be getting to see Harry Potter on Thursday night at 7:30pm For Free.  Yes, you people who keep up with these things, that's 4 1/2 hours before it officially releases at midnight.  Oh, I hope this pans out!

Does anyone have the new Glee Christmas cd?  I'm very tempted to purchase this with my new itunes card.

To Garth, or not to Garth, that is the question.

A man sat in our glass-windowed conference room all day yesterday wearing a red sweater, shirt, and tie.  He looked like a Mr. Rogers twin.  All day long I was singing Mr. Rogers songs both in my head, and out loud to the amusement of others.

I want to dance in the rain with umbrellas and puddles like they did on Glee tonight- it looked like so much fun!

And with that stream of consciousness, I'm out!

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Mary Anna said...

I love the random posts.

Might I implore you not to purchase "Glee Christmas" with the iTunes giftcard I gifted you? I'm JUST sayin.' Might I suggest Sara Groves "O Holy Night" album, or Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas."

P.S. I got your message. Let's do lunch one day next week?