Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Other popular Shag Quotes...

I feel like we need to enlighten all those out there who have not seen this wonderful movie. So here are a few of our favorite quotes (please read all quotes with a deep South Carolina accent):

"Nobody WANTS to get married. I don't especially feel like gettin' married myself...but that's no reason to go callin' off a weddin'!"

"If I'm not engaged by the time I'm 20, I'm goin' to kill myself."

"So, do you wanna go up to Weewaw Point?"..."Weewaw Point?! you're outta your mind if you think I'd go parkin' with you. I don't even KNOW you."..."well I don't know you either...but I don't consider that an impediment."

"You are unlike ANYONE I have EVER met!"..."Well, you're like EVERY girl I've ever're stuck up, tight-assed, and conventional!"

"I'm the emancipated type...real emancipated."

"I think JFK's a sweet potato!"..."Ewww, he's an old man, Malaina!"..."So...I'd have an affair with him outside o' marriage."..."MALAINA, he is the president. That's sacrilegious!"

"Carson, don't you know we'll remember this night for the rest of our lives?!"

"Look, why can't we just tell 'em the truth? Why can't we just say that this was our last weekend together, and we didn't feel like goin' to Ft. Sumter and touring ____ ____ colonial homes! We wanted to go to the beach, and meet boys, and go to wild parties, and dance!"

"Buzz, I just can't bring myself to hurt a decent, God-fearin' boy like Harley Ralston."

"Chip, grab the bar. We're gon make like a tree and leave."

"Ya'll is the horniest bunch o' white folks I ever saw!" (Fuzzy the maid)

"I can't feel my teeth!"

Am I missing any important ones, girls?


emilyb said...

How could I forget...

"Girrrl, you make me think!"

Amanda said...

"This is the MOST fun!"

"She thought she was the bees' knees till she fell flat on her Butt."

Rhonda Lu said...

I think if ya'll say one more line you will have successfully quoted the ENTIRE movie :)

Amanda said...

Carson: You want me to go all the way up there, to a Yankee school, just so I can come over every weekend and practice "free love" with you?
Buzz: Well, not every weekend.

Buzz: In my opinion, marriage is just a legalized form of prostitution.

(Just a few more for good measure)