Thursday, December 16, 2004

Horror of all horrors!!! Ohmigosh! They took away my Yahoo LaunchCast radio! Someone give me a knife because I am going to kill somebody. (OK Sorry that was way drama.) But yeah, apparantly I have exceeded my monthly 800 song limit, which I didn't even know existed. You guys don't know how much joy my customized radio station brought to me every day at work!!! I was like, "Gosh I wish I could connect this to my car radio, etc." I have spent a lot of time customizing it with just what I want (seriously, you guys gotta try this thing!) Hence the shock and disappointment.

So I can either: 1) Sign up for the $2.50/month LaunchCast PLUS and get commercial-free, higher quality, unlimited song skipping, etc. or 2) Listen to the pre-programmed stations without customization and with commercials and low quality sound. If I sign up for PLUS, I get a 7-day free trial during which if I cancel I don't get charged. I have 7 days of work left before I return in January. SO I have a plan!!!! I'm going to use the 7-day trial for free and then cancel. The next time I am in the office will be January, at which time I'll have 800 more songs! Give it up Emily - I'm the resident genious!!!

On a totally unrelated note, it's holiday time at the Diva Domain, so us operators will be in and out of contact with you, our favorite people. Currently, our Queen Diva Amanda and Diva-In-Training Emily are out of town, leaving yours truly to (wo)man the blog. Amanda's best friend Heather is getting married in Knoxville, and Emily's best friend Elisa is getting married somewhere in Texas ("My Best Friend's Wedding"!) They both have fabulously fun dresses they get to wear too! And they both look great in them, watch out single groomsmen ;)

Yuck, the rice I had at lunch has given me a headache and a bad taste in my mouth. TMI? I don't's back to work I go though. Happy Thursday everyone and happy birthday to Laura!


RAAAGER said...

Good idea!!! Free trials are soooo sweet :-)
800 song limit? Who ever heard of such a thing? Ha

Amanda said...

yes, i have learned the hard way that you definetly have to pick and choose which songs to skip very carefully, lest you be left without your customized radio for the rest of the month.

Anonymous said...

i'm so impressed with your blogging abilities...maybe you're the current diva in training and not emily. i would know, i'm already a diva. ~ari (oh, brilliant idea by the way, just thought you should know)

Amanda said...

btw, there were no single groomsmen but there was a single Ursher ;o)

emilyb said...

Did you know Usher goes to BBC? Usher #19 that is!!