Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Monday after Christmas!

Welcome back to work everybody! Well, some of us are taking an extended vacation, but where's the fun in that? I hope that everyone's Christmas was good and you got all the gifts you deserved :) I also hope that everyone's travels went well and there were no slides off of icy roads or airport delays. I didn't read the article about it, but heard my co-workers talking about how tens of thousands were stranded at airports yesterday because of some major computer malfunction - and even more baggage was displaced or lost. I was truly lucky that nothing went wrong with my flight or baggage (THIS time!)

We ended up being iced in for about 3 days at my parents', and they only drove me 27% crazy. If my little neice hadn't been there it would have been 64%. I finally had a chance to go to Starbuck's yesterday morning on the way to the airport, and enjoyed a caramel apple cider YEAH!!!! Next, I'm trying the peppermint hot cocoa because it just sounds yummy :) Miss Amanda Jane is in Indiana today and Emmy Sue is off work today so she's shopping with her mamacita.

Christmas pictures will be coming soon, but now I have to get back to work. Oh so much I could blog about though.....I wish I had an extra hour today to do it. OH!!!! One thing though.....the first of my girl friends has had a baby!!!! Halle Layman Phares, born to Mandi and Johnsa Phares on December 23. Mandi was in labor for almost 25 hours. I'd be like, "Get a knife and take that baby out!" So strange to have a friend with a baby, wow. Congrats ya'll :)


Kobosky262 said...

Congratulations on the Baby of your friend! That is just awesome. Welcome back to work. ~shel

Chessie said...

Sorry to comment so randomly. I knew Mandi and Johnsa at OBU and had a dream which featured Johnsa last night, so then I was curious what he and his were up to. Are they still in Arkadelphia? If you are still in contact with them, please tell them "hi" from Chessie.