Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Songs!

Christmas music- I just can’t get enough of it! The season only comes once a year, so I guess that’s what makes Christmas songs such a novelty. I decided to give you all a little insight to me, as if you don’t get enough of it on here, and list some of my favorite Christmas songs:

1. O Holy Night- Luciano Pavarotti
2. O Holy Night- Celine Dion
3. 12 Days of Christmas- Mickey Mouse & Co.
4. Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley
5. Magazine Angels- Joe Diffie
6. O Holy Night- Joe Diffie
7. O Holy Night- Josh Groban (Have you figured out what my favorite Christmas song is??)
8. O Holy Night- UK Christmas Collage, 2002, Norman Reinhart soloist (my future husband)
9. Mary Did You Know- Michael English
10. Breath of Heaven- Amy Grant
11. Hallelujah Chorus- any choir that stays in-tune
12. Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey- Lou Monte
13. Christmas Time is Here- Alvin & the Chipmunks
14. O Holy Night- Cartman from Southpark
15. Carol of the Bells- there's a version Mom has on cd with this really good choir
16. Little Drummer Boy- not sure who sings this fav, but mom has it on cd (same cd as #15?)
17. Christmas song from Love Actually that the washed up pop singer has out
18. Hark the Herald Angels Sing- Mariah Carey ( I know, I’m ashamed)
19. Jesu Bambino- Luciano Pavoratti
20. 12 Redneck Days of Christmas- Jeff Foxworthy
(I haven’t heard this one on the radio yet
this year- what gives?)

And finally, My Least Favorite Christmas Songs:
1. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney (one of his few musical flops)
2. Hey Santa- Wilson Phillips (I guarentee that if you shop in the mall this Christmas season
you will hear this song! It’s so terrible it’s funny.

Now enlighten the rest of the group with your favorite or non-favorite Christmas carols.


emilyb said...

O Holy Night is definitely my favorite, too. You gotta love Celine Dion singing it! I also love "So Let it be Christmas" by Alan Jackson. Unfortunately I can't find his Christmas CD anywhere. Woe is me!

Rhonda Lu said...

Um HELLO?! Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You"!!!!!!!!!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

In no order:

Winter Wonderland--Stryper You may laugh at the idea, but this is a version (I doubt it's available anywhere--who would admit to having it?) that is campy and fun, and rockin' and melodic at the same time. They even start out with some dialogue ("Hey guys, what're we gonna sing now?" "Let's sing a Christmas song!" or like that)

The Christmas Song ("Chestnuts roasting...")--Nat King Cole

Ditto on Christmas Time is Here- Alvin & the Chipmunks Anything on this album was cool with me, especially on the red vinyl record I had as a kid, as I shared with Amanda already.

Please Come Home for Christmas--Eagles

O Come, O Come Emmanuel--any qualified performer who doesn't rush it

Any song by Russ Taff on his Christmas album (retro jazzabilly, or whatever you call it)

O Holy Night--my mom (no bias here) (Celine Dion has a great voice, but her mispronunciation of the consonants and vowels irritates me to no end. I heard a woman with a country voice do "My Heart Will Go On" and it blew Celine out of the water.)

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree--Brenda Lee

Jingle Bell Rock--Bill Haley and the Comets

ditto on Hallelujah Chorus by any good choir (especially if I get to sing in it)

Leroy the Redneck Reindeer--Joe Diffie (note the spelling, Amanda) He did it at the Opry this past Tuesday. Cute.

Carol of the Bells--a little silly if you listen too closely to the ding-dongs, but a killer piece of music

...and any song I'm being paid to sing, for parties, malls, whatever.
That website is!

emilyb said...

Hey buddy...that'll be $100 for the advertising bit!

Kobosky262 said...

Okay to be honest...I really loved the Kenny and Dolly Christmas CD with "I believe in Santa Clause" and "Once upon a Christmas". So, after that of course I have my new favorite which is Erin O'Donnell's Christmas CD...very Island Jazz sound. Plus, the song from the Point of Grace Christmas CD, "Love Came Down". Steven Curtis Chapman's CD...great guitar. And Amy Grant singing "Tender Tennessee Christmas", very good for this Christmas Season here in Hong Kong! Love you~ shel