Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Feeling SAUCY??

Congratulations to Amanda, who was spontaneous last night! No, not planned spontaneity...just pure spontaneity people. We decided to accompany the "Wild at Heart" bible study group to SATCO (San Antonio Taco Co for all you non-Nashvillians) and to the Vandy basketball game. Does anyone else get a kick out of the fact that the Wild at Heart group went to a basketball game together?!

Amanda and I met at the Walgreen's in Brentwood at 5:30 pm...BIG mistake in case anyone cares. It took Amanda over 10 minutes to exit I65 and get to my car at Walgreen's. Note to self, "Self, do not meet at Walgreen's at 5:30 pm ever again." After we ate some yummy food at SATCO we headed over to our VIP parking spot and then to our VIP seats...we don't play around people. We were on the 4th row at center court, right behind Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. What is it with people who complain about EVERY call? Is that really fun...especially when you're up by 20+ points? I'm thinking these guys can't boss their wives around at home so they get it all out at the games. Or they were never that good at sports themselves and live vicariously through the VU team. Just a couple theories I thought I'd throw out there.

The game was fairly blah until #20, Sophomore Dan Cage, came in. As he came to the sidelines to get in the game, Amanda mumbled , "ooohhhh." Little did she know, she was talking slightly louder than she thought, and our neighboring fellows overheard her comment. She quickly retorted with, "What? I was just noticing that he looks like he'd be a good athlete and we could use him in the game right now." And it turns out he did an excellent job and broke his season and career scoring record with 18 points. Back off, Chippewas. "I'm an Indian Outlaw, half Cherokeean Choctaw, my baby she's a CHIPPEWA...she's a one of a kind!"

At some point during the second half, I started to get really tired, and then I got delirious. Amanda and I started singing Eminem's new song - and quite well I might add! "Dre...beer goggles, blind....I'm just trying to unwind!" This is when I began to feel "SAUCY"...don't ask me what this term really means, because I don't know. It's just fun to say...c'mon try it, "I'm SAUCY!" There, now don't you feel better?!


Amanda said...

Now we all know what it takes to get Amanda to be spontaneous: Boys and Basketball! (Is there anything better?) Well throw in a little mexican fiesta beforehand, and you've got yourself a date! Although the rush hour traffic to meet Em was enough to make me regret my spontaneity. Absolutely horrific!
I would love it though if my Bible study said, hey, let's not meet tonight and go to a sporting event instead! That would never happen. Sometimes I long for the fraternal companionship of guys. Thankfully the boys let us crash their male bonding evening.
And sorry bout it, but #20 was a cutie patootie who just happened to be a good athlete on top of it. I can just pick 'em, that's all! ;o)
2 things emmy sue: did you actually Say you were feeling saucy? I thought you said something else and Brad misunderstood you for saying "saucy." Also, the Indian Outlaw lyrics are "Half Cherokee AND Choctaw, my baby she's a Chippawa..." (Vandy played Central Michigan, whose mascot is the Chippawas, so hence the Indian Outlaw reference)
Good times are always had when 2 or more Penthouse Pets are in the house. Rhonda Lu, you would be glad to know that Brad asked about you, and he said that if you were there they'd have the "perfecta trifecta."

emilyb said...

It's funny...I was so delirious that I don't even remember how we got started with the Saucy thing...so you're memory is probably better than mine.

jillymae said...

hey, i almost resent that...we're fun gals, those of us in your bible study. i seem to remember us even taking the night off earlier this year to go to a concert but SOMEBODY was "too tired" to join us =P so bring on the sporting events (boys are a nice bonus, too)! i'm there!