Wednesday, December 22, 2004


It has been snowing for the past 4 hours here!!! We've got like 3 inches and Kyla and I went out and played in it and made a snowman. I'm not too practiced at making snowmen so he was kind of struggling but I did get a photo of him. I heard there was snow in Nashville on Sunday. There are 2 very steep hills to our condo so we are snowed/iced in. That wouldn't suck except for the fact that today was the only day I'm able to do my last-minute, yet necessary, Christmas shopping. PLUS, I have been trying to get to Starbuck's since Sunday to get a caramel apple cider. Last night I had a plan to go get one this morning before shopping. I actually had a dream last night about going to get one and I'm not kidding! So I was really disappointed that I'm unable to drive anywhere today :( Oh the travesties of life!!!!!!!!!!!


RAAAGER said...

I'm not sure if any flurries were in Nashville on Sunday, but as far as Franklin is concerned it was sunny here most of the day and partly cloudy the rest. They are predicting snow tonight, but we all know that is weather man talk for look out for heavy rain, they just don't want to ruin everyone's Christmas spirit, so they predict snow so everyone will get excitied about a "white Christmas" :-)

Amanda said...

stupid weatherman. all we got was a layer of ice and a dusting of snow. meanwhile everybody and their dog got mounds of snow. although i don't envious those stuck in the snow (Rhonda) or those travelling in it (Holt). just chalk it up to another white-less Christmas

Kobosky262 said...

Sorry about the travesties of life. I can understand that when you dream about something it is hard to wake up to reality. No worries...I will send you your caramel apple cider from across the pond. Just make sure you let one of the diva's taste it first to make sure it hasn't turned 'funny' on its travels to see you.
Merry Christmas.