Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hello from Arkansassy!!!

Whichever of my lovely roommates came up with the "Arkansassy" thing is a genious! ;)

Yes, it's Rhonda live from Hot Springs, Arkansas. This may be the first time the Diva Domain has experienced an out-of-town post. I'm so the trendsetter. This will have to be short because I really cannot type well from this laptop. Just 2 more days till I see the WHOLE family and have Christmas at my Mema's house. It always makes me feel downhome when I go there.....she lives down a dirt road wayyyyy back in the country in this old house that my dad (and his siblings) were born in. She's got a garden, a couple old sheds, a couple ponds, a well, and a clothesline that she still hangs things on. She used to have a barn and horses, but the barn burned down a few years ago. (It was seriously like losing a family member!) So yes we'll have about 35 people in that little house grazing around the dinner table and then we all pile in the front room and unwrap presents - youngest to oldest. :)

OK sorry that was a plangent.....I hope all is well back in Nashvegas. I miss the Penthouse already! I am returning on the 26th! I wish I had the energy to type more but I'm very sleepy.

BTW check out http://www.hupshoopty.com! If you search enough in the 12/17 Nashville pics you will find Rhonda Lu.....I'll explain later!! Haha, that reminds me....I saw a really funny shirt yesterday - it was red and all it said was "Santa, wait....let me explain....." HEHEHE!


Amanda said...

ok trendsetter- I guess blogging from Capetown isn't out of town enough for you :op
I'm loving the plangent. T minus one day till the invasion of the locusts. (That's what my grandfather calls it when all the family comes in town for the holidays) So have fun with that. How many bathrooms are there, btw?
And what's with the pic? Lucy, you got some 'Splainin to do!

Amanda said...

ps- we got more mail addressed to the Resident Genius the other day! And you know what is so amazing about that? That I actually remembered to check the mail!!

emilyb said...

You're a GENIUS!!

MamaB said...

I love the shirt and knew a few people (laura) that could have worn that shirt at one time or another!!
Merry Christmas Rhonda Lu!!

Rhonda Lu said...

But did you actually post on the Diva Domain from South Africa? If so, my apologies.

There is 1 bathroom at my grandmother's house :) MamaB, are you referring to the "Do YOU hoopty?" shirts? I don't understand the whole Hup's Hoopty phenomenon yet, but it's funny. I miss you all!

Amanda said...

I think Mama B was referring to the "Santa, Let me explain" shirt.
See the October 6th entry for blogging from Capetown.
Do yall have snow yet Rhonda Lu? They say it's on its way here, so I'm getting excited!!

Anonymous said...

Yooooo...Hello from Indianapolis!!! The Hoopty definitely got wild in Nash-Vegas...glad that we ran into all of you guys....

I know that I will be around down there again soon enough...

if you want a link to the pics of Nashville - go here:

http://www.hupshoopty.com/phpBB/phpBB2/album_cat.php?cat_id=49...and the Hoopty just keeps on rollin'