Monday, December 13, 2004


So can I just say how much I love Mark Wills and Clay Walker? My Launchcast radio has recently brought this to my attention. There's a Jeffrey Steele song called "What Hurts the Most" that I really like and I just found out that Mark Wills cut it on one of his albums. So among all the birthday goings-on on Friday, I failed to check the blog before I skipped out of work at 3:00. Thanks for the BD blog Amanda Jane, and the comments from the blogees. I'm running to the TV every couple minutes trying to catch the live Scott Peterson sentence. Ya think he's a little nervous right now?

This weekend was RhondapaLUza and it was ab fab! The Acorn was SO delicious - big thanks to the roomies for buying my dinner! I heart ya'll! We went to Bar 23 after dinner. We had good conversation ("V!!!") but the place itself wasn't too energetic. I wanted to go to Tin Roof next so we stayed there till the wee hours. Ari and Brett met up with us there. And as we concluded yesterday at lunch, the lead singer is a dirty old man!!! And his guitar has multiple STD's. I was presented with a hot pink "Birthday Girl" button which I wore with pride, announcing to strangers "It's my birthday!" The dirty old man and his band did sing to me and another birthday girl though. Saturday the roomies and I saw Finding Neverland, which was good. I think that AJ and Em liked it a little more than I did though. Does anyone want to go see Ocean's 12 this week?

Saturday night was our BBC Christmas party and it was a lot of fun! I walked away from the gift exchange with a TERRIFIC horse on a carousel that plays music, which I definitely intend to regift at my white elephant party on Friday :) The food was fabulous; thanks to everyone who contributed! The Drennans' home was huge and gorgeous. Mr. Drennan took several of us on a field trip through their back yard to peek into the house of their neighbors, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Unfortunately Tim walks around with clothes on. Just kidding just kidding! We didn't see them. (Wow....death penalty for Scott Peterson.)

Sunday afternoon was the Penthouse Holiday Extravaganza . (Why can't I ever come up with the fun names for stuff we do??) Alas, more good food, fun, and fellowship! But, I don't think we had enough sweets there. Will ya'll PLEASE bring more desserts next time? Same goes for the BBC Christmas Party....there just wasn't enough. Oh there's more I could elaborate on but my hands hurt and I have GOT to get some work done around here!! Peace out.


Anonymous said...

hey rhonda! i thought about you on your bday but im sorry i did not comment and wish you a happy one! i guess i was too focused on throwing austin's party! anyways, i hope you had a good one!
love ya, beth

Kobosky262 said...

Way to have the Rondapaluza fab time!! Good choice on the Acorn! Have a great rest of the Rondapaluza week! Love shel.