Wednesday, December 29, 2004

the Christmas aftermath

Three words can describe my blog updates for the month of December: sporadic at best. All this traveling can really take a toll on ones available time and resources for blogging! I am back at work today and tomorrow and then off to the Bluegrass State to ring in the new year, so enjoy me while you can!

The Fam had a nice Christmas, complete with a Napoleon Dynamite ("Gimme your Tots")viewing, several hours of the TBS 24 hours of A Christmas Story, and the shortest Christmas Eve service Ever. My thought is, some people go to church twice a year- the good ole’ C&E bunch- so you’d think we’d try to keep them there as long as we can for those 2 days a year. And in all the snow (ha!) and ice, not to mention freezing cold weather, you and your family get all bundled up, and by the time the 30 minute service was over and you were nice and toasty, it was time to brave the cold weather once again. I just have a problem with a Christmas Eve service that neglects to tell the Christmas story! Anyways, that’s neither here nor there. Christmas Day at the Bradley Bungalow began that morning with the video camera malfunctioning and my dad fighting with that, the dogs fighting over each other’s toys, and my mother aka Flash fighting with us over the temperature in the den; she was burning up (surprise) and the rest of us were freezing. I wound up with many new pink articles of clothing (another surprise) and several new purses for the roommates to borrow. My favorite is one flashy gold one I picked out yesterday after returning some things that I named Vivica. A flashy bag such as this needed a flashy name to go with it. Vivica will be accompanying me to Lexington to celebrate the turning of 2005.

One-time spice girl Jenni and boyfriend Andy came over Christmas night to visit for a few minutes while the Titans were losing on TV. (Rhonda, they were some of the unfortunate souls whose luggage got lost on Christmas. I have yet to find out how that saga turned out since we headed out of town the very next day.) It was good to see you GB- glad you finally saw A Christmas Story! (“RALPHIE I Can’t get Up!!!”)

So the next morning our caravan of 2 cars, 5 people, and 2 dogs headed up I-65 to brave the 20 inches of snow that awaited us in southern Indiana. Car trips with the dogs are always a treat. Oscar only got loose from his collar and leash once during our roadside stop, causing me to very nearly bust my arse on the ice and snow. The rest of the trip up he whined and drooled everywhere. Seriously, it was gross. And do you want to know what else was gross? My great aunt Gertrude telling my mom and I about how she is allergic to Sulfa and broke out in boils on her lips and on places that I never wanted to hear about from my great aunt Gertrude. You try nodding sympathetically and keeping a straight face during that! Also hilarious during our visit with her was Mom and Gertrude trading QVC item stories of the things they had bought on the home shopping network. Neither ordered something that the other didn’t already have or know exactly what the other was talking about. My aunt has bought clothes that she admittedly doesn’t need, candles galore, singing magnets, and stayed up till 2 o’clock in the morning a few nights ago trying to get through on the busy phone line to order a set of 100 gift bags. (Mom of course already had the gift bags.) We all agreed that if my grandmother were still around that she would have loved shopping from QVC. The visit with Gertrude made me miss my grandmother more, but it was still good to see her as she reminds me so much of Grandma Huber.

Seeing all the snow up there was incredible- I’ll get some pictures on here eventually, though I can imagine that dealing with that much snow every day versus the novelty of coming to visit are two different things. I was disappointed that the snow was powdery, so we couldn’t make snowmen or do much in it except push each other down in it and watch Oscar and Stockwell leap through it in the backyard. And of course what Cannelton visit would be complete without a trip to the Pumper? We all went out to eat for Ryan’s birthday and then everyone minus mom and Papa went to the local hot spot for a fairly tame evening of Cannelton entertainment.

It was kind of an unusual Christmas up there since my uncle Michael, Aunt Missy, and cousins couldn’t make it up from Evansville because of the snow, and then my aunt Kristina, uncle Todd, and cousins were also unable to get out from where they lived because of the snow. So it was like half of the family was there for our Christmas celebration. Those of us who were there watched some old video footage from these old silent movies that my uncle Jerry brought over after we had dinner together at the house. There was a clip of my uncle Michael running through a sprinkler that he will never live down, and you’ll never guess who was hamming it up, dancing and making faces every time the camera was on her! (Good thing I turned out to be so darn photogenic, ha ha!)

Wow, this is long… that’s what we get when Amanda is kept from blogging for several days at a time… it all just comes pouring out at once! To wrap things up, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Does anyone have any favorite scenes from A Christmas Story that they’d like to mention? Every scene brings a smile to my face- there are just too many to pick one. Happy Hump Day. Catch you on the flip side.


MamaB said...

My favorite is the dad when he is chasing the Bumpus blankety blank dogs out of the house after they eat his turkey and the scene where they go to the chinese restaurant and the waiters are singing to them.

Christmas was great as always and you are right, listening to Aunt Getrude made me stop and miss my mom even more.

RAAAGER said...

Frah rah rah rah rah a rah rah rah
Nothing says Christmas better than the singing Chinese waiters :-)

Anonymous said...

my favorite is "FRA-GIL-E", "That must be Italian?!" When the dad receives the "Major award" delivered to his home. I love that movie posted by: Greg's cousin, Kevin.

Amanda said...

Hey Kevin! Also a good scene. Now that it's basketball season we've got to work on your cousin Greg. He seems to be suffering from the dillusion that Duke is better than Kentucky. Something has to be done- I worry about his mental well-being, you know ;)

Jenni said...

Any kid who's ever lived in a snow climate knows that this is so true:

"I can't put my arms down!"

bundled up in the arctic tundra, jenni

Kobosky262 said...

For me totally, especially now, it is when the waiter cuts off the ducks head after the dad says..."It's smiling at me!" Fa rah rah rah rah, rah rah rah rah!

Anonymous said...

Duke blue is the true blue in college basketball.....

Amanda said...

AAHH!! No blasphemy on this site- there might be children reading! FYI, in the middle of duke, there is a great big UK!