Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Do you know...

Ok, I’m starting to hear grumblings from the loyal readers… time for some new random commentary on life.

Last night was Kairos. We had communion and Mike talked about the Resurrection of Christ- very interesting in this time of year when most people are only concerned with proclaiming Christ’s birth. It definitely refocuses your attention on what the birth was really all about, and why Jesus was ever born. Yes, we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Savior, but also to remember the point is that He came to save us, and that’s what the crucifixion was all about. I will never be able to explain things the way "Uncle Mike" can, but in short, to use a cliché term, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Kairos was also especially fun last night because I ran into this kid named Brett Mayo whom I went to middle school with! We’re talking ghetto, first-avenue south, drug-needles on the track, Cameron Middle School where I suffered through 5th and 6th grade before making the transition to MLK. Brett and I played in the orchestra together (yeah- we were really cool kids back then), and as it turns out, he was also a voice major in school. Coincidentally, he’s also not using his music degree in the slightest. (Will somebody tell me why no one ever talked me out of this major in the first place?) (sigh. I know. Everything happens for a reason and God is going to draw on my music background for something at some point, and I’ll need to be thankful for that useless major then. Until then God, I’m waiting patiently… yep… right here…) As it turns out though, Brett’s roommate was also there, a kid named Justin Schott who also went to Cameron who I don’t remember much about except that he had a horrible yearbook picture. He’s turned out quite attractive actually. Brett also mentioned the name Brian Humphries in passing. I said, "Brian Humphries, as in the Brian Humphries I know that went to Cameron?" And before I thought twice I exclaimed, "I had the biggest crush on him in 5th grade! He was my square dancing partner in PE and I was so excited!" Ok, TMI, I know, but it was 5th grade, come on. Brett got a huge kick out of it at any rate.

What followed next was a fabulous game of "Do you Know" where two people make a people-connection- say, from middle school, or you know someone with their same major who went to their college, so you say, "do you so-and-so," and they exclaim, "Yes, I love her! She dated my roommate," or "we had such-and-such class together." This game is fun for me, because I get to remember old friends that I’ve lost touch with, find out what they’re up to, or in some cases, get re-introduced to people I never would have thought about ever again (I mean, Justin Schott, what the heck??) Maryah walked over at one point, and she also went to UT (where Brett had gone to school) and so the game got even more fun. I found out through the course of this that Maryah is living with a girl I graduated from Brentwood with, and she and Brett knew some of the same people too. It just goes to show what a small, small world we live in. (Isn’t that Soooo Cracy??)

Upon arriving back to the Penthouse, I was enticed by the yummy smelling Wassail Rhonda Lu made (Wasssssssssaaaaaail), and the three of us stayed up way too late having our nightly "hall meeting" and trying to decide what to do this weekend for Rhondapalooza. Get excited. It’s going to be fun. And the Brooch just might have to make an appearance. ;o)


Anonymous said...

thank you!! i've had something to read and contemplate for minutes now. you're wonderful. not that i have anything to comment on, just wanted to let you know. ~ari

Jenni said...

You have a gift and have already made an impact with you music. Look at Tara, who else would have walked her through the Banner to warm up before her a cappella performance at the basketball game? Not me, that's for sure. And you touch people spiritually by singing God's praise. Your voice itself is heavenly. I love you!

jillymae said...

the random update was good, but i still don't see anything about "it's an all-skate! ;)