Thursday, December 09, 2004


So the highlight of my night was my visit to Starbuck's. I know that there are lots of people who go to Starbuck's every day, but I live in a bubble, so it's a treat for me when I get to to there. I can't justify spending as much for a cup of (insert favorite drink here) as I could spend on a meal. And obviously, winter is the best time to visit Starbuck's. Por que? The caramel apple cider of course! It's the best week ever! It's fantabulous! It's the COOL-est! It rocks my face off! It's A-mazing! Iloveit Iloveit Iloveit!!!!!!!!!

You know how some companies are carbon copies of each other? Like DSW Shoes and Off Broadway, or Coke and Pepsi, or Pizza Hut and Pizza Inn? Well, my company (Logan's Roadhouse) has a copycat too, called Texas Roadhouse. Although they have a few more restaurants nationwide than Logan's does, WE were around first. Logan's has been a top competitor in the steakhouse market in the Nashville area for years. But on Monday.....Texas Roadhouse opened up in Hendersonville. We don't have a Hendersonville location, but we are very close in both Madison and Gallatin. It wasn't a surprise - we knew they were opening there. They are our competition, of course we follow their development schedule. But it's like they've moved onto our home turf! But hey, we ain't sweatin' it. Another very interesting point is that just about their entire management team at that location used to work for us. But alas, such is business. There's always competition and it drives you to be more proactive and secure your customers while attracting new ones. That's the challenge of my department, and that's fun to me. We get to be creative to find ways to stay fresh in the minds of our guests. Keep it KICKIN'!!!

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Amanda said...

Another favorite Carbon-copy company of mine is Waffle House and Waffle Hut!