Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lord of the Blog

Wow...I feel so powerful right now it's overwhelming (as opposed to just whelming). Amanda has left me the key to her universe (AKA the ability to post on her blog) while she's out saving the world one South African at a time. She also gave this ability to Emily...but Emily's out of town too so today, the Diva Domain is all mine baby.

There's just one problem: what to blog about. Now there are many things I could talk about, but what is truly blogworthy? There are many shallow thoughts from my deep mind. Amanda's thoughts are shallow as well, but Her Blogness has the tender sarcasm that I'm not sure I can live up to. Just kidding, sometimes she's not shallow.

Speaking of being shallow, here's a question for everyone: Have you ever thought of giving up television? In previous years I've found myself planning my days around that box of light, and often planning my weekend around when I'm going to watch the tapes I recorded of Friends, Gilmore Girls, Big Brother, and whatever band/celebrity I wanted to see on Leno, Letterman, Conan, or those I-have-to-get-up-at-the-butt-crack-of-dawn-to-watch-this morning shows. And then what do I get out of it? Nothing positive. I get someone telling me that I have to dress like this, I have to have perfect hair like this, I'm too short, I'm too "soft", I'm too pale, I'm not talented. It's made me constantly feel the need to compare myself to, not just the people on TV, but the people I know in real life, even at church. Sometimes I'll think I'm not as good as this person, and sometimes I'll think I'm better than that person. The latter just leads to pride, which I hate in myself.

It's not just physical attributes of being a female either. This will sound cliche but it really does desensitize us to many things. I'm a self-described "goodie goodie" (although since I moved to Nashville it might need to be cut down to just 1 "goodie") - and I've watched TV/movies since I was little and I haven't fallen into the sex drugs and rock & roll "pit of sin." So it's easy for me to say that TV/movies don't affect one's behavior, that behavior is a conscious decision that is controlled by YOUR mind. Luckily my mind's been stubborn enough not to let my body behave like I've seen people do. But has what I've seen been constructive in helping me live a more Christ-centered life? The answer is big resounding, reverberating, plangent NO. And that's what it's all about people. Even if pop culture is not corrupting you, it's not HELPING you either unfortunately. (And it doesn't count that you watch church on TV.) It was making me stagnant - I wasn't going down but I wasn't going up. Get rid of things that make you stagnant, and definitely get rid of things that take you down. Fill those spaces with something else, even if that something is just silence to destress from life.

I'm turning off the TV for a couple weeks and I'm curious to know what it's going to be like. I never thought I'd do this - I was the one who'd give my right arm to have TiVo, but never got around to it. I'll stop here - this post is a lot deeper than I thought it was going to be. Consider the challenge though. I'm curious ("I was CURIOUS!") to see if it might affect others too. Lastly, thanks to Shelly Edwards for inspiring this in me. You are a walking inspiration to me period Shelly.


MamaB said...

Rhonda Lu----you are being very daring and brave to give up TV totally....but way to go girl......that isn't an easy thing to do but who needs reality TV anyway. We deal with reality TV every day, every minute, every place that we are. You did good for your first post on the blog page....keep it up until my sunshine is back in town. Love, MamaB

Anonymous said...

rhonda lu, i'm so proud. you did a wonderful job on your first blog! well done my dear, and by the way...plangent...great word. major points for that one. lemme know if you need company. ~ari

Rhonda Lu said...

Aww thanks you guys!!! {sniff sniff}

Kobosky262 said...

Ronda you crack me up totally! I love your blogs and enjoy the humor that you bring to this world of electronic communication. I am very excited for you and your quest to walk down a path without a light box to guide your way. I love you and am praying for you.