Tuesday, September 28, 2004

He's Just Not That Into You...

The Penthouse Pets knew this one was coming!!! We watched this Oprah segment last night that Emily's mom tivo'd/taped for us. It's a book that implores women to quit making excuses for guys who aren't giving them what they want, and to come to terms with the fact that He's Just Not That Into You. Apparently, as young, single women, Mrs. Borders thought this was something we needed to see. The funny part was that Holt emailed me the day after this show was on last week and was absolutely raving about this book. I skimmed the email, said "Great for you, but no thanks, I don't need to read a secular book on dating." Nevertheless, as this was the 2nd person in days who had mentioned this book to me, I went in with an open mind as we piled on Emmy Sue's bed for a Bed Party (do you ever feel like this blog is a Seinfeld episode, and if you keep reading long enough everything will tie back together and make sense? Perhaps if you are a new reader I would suggest digging back into the archives and get up-to-date on the divadomain. We wouldn't want anyone to feel left out.) Ok- end of plangent. Everything this author said was true, but it wasn't life changing or anything. He's just re-affirming what women already know but don't want to admit to themselves. You see, as we discussed among ourselves last night, Girls wait for the right guy, and Guys wait for the right time.
I think this author is no different- he talked about how he used to play women all the time until he met his wife- and then magically he was willing to leave the games behind and pursue her. I say bull. He was ready to settle down before he met her.
What was life changing, or at least enlightening, was that I discovered that women do the same thing that men do as far as playing games, and not being honest with someone when they aren't interested. I cannot tell you how many phone numbers I have in my cell of guys that I know I won't ever date, but rather keep them at bay by answering their calls when they call, and yes, I have been known to DUI them a time or two. It's like the shirt you bought that you never wear but can't throw away b/c what if someday you decide to wear it? I can't take credit for that brilliant analogy, but it is so true. And cruel. What starts out as not wanting to hurt someone's feelings by telling them no, you don't want to go out with them, ends up as stringing them along, or vice versa, allowing yourself to be strung along.
Well the buck stops here people! If you're not interested, then just say so, because you're worth more than a "Tier 4 booty call."


Anonymous said...

"been known to DUI them"??? not familiar with that term in that context. bring me up to speed, please ~jilly

Amanda said...

sorry. that would be dialing under the influence. also known as drunk dialing. also known as not a good idea. ever.