Monday, September 20, 2004

5 Girls, a Blog, & a pizza place

The Girls Night Out on Friday was a huge success. We must do this more often! Me, Em, Rhonda Lu, Katie, and Lana met up at the Nashville Treasure Christopher Pizza for a delicious dinner filled with laughter. Apparently someone sent out a memo to wear black shirts that night because we all had them on (I didn't have on a speck of pink- can you believe it?). The dinner conversation of sharing our most embarassing moments (which not surprisingly seemed to all happen when we were in the 8th grade), and Lana sharing her choking experience at the movie Elf, had us rolling. The guys sitting next to us were obviously listening, but trying to pretend that they weren't- how could you not have heard us though? The entire resteraunt probably knows each of our embarassing stories- but I think these guys were particuarly taken with Lana's story-telling abilities. Bless her heart, but she couldn't be quiet if she tried. In college I never really noticed this, but I guess it's because we were all voice majors and we were all always loud.
But I digress. Dinner was delectable- try the desert pizza if you go- after which we left and went down a few places to Gravity/On the Rocks to grab a table before it got too crowded. Here Laurie and her friend Gina met up with us, where we decided we were quite the intimidating group of gals. After finally getting rid of the drunk/high/annoying/old guy that had attempted to befriend us, we decided to head down to the Tin Roof (rusted) to see what was going on there.
The place was packed, as usual, and it made me remember why we don't go there on Saturdays anymore. The old Yogi Berra quote stands true: It's too crowded- nobody goes there anymore. We actually did manage to find a table which was a huge blessing. This kid sat down next to us and all of us are thinking the same thing- this is the first decent-looking, non-scary guy that has tried to talk to us all night! Of course his over-protective girlfriend and her friend rush to his side adding that it's his birthday, so we all sing to him, and they go on their merry way. The band played all the great sing-along songs, but I was in the stupid bathroom when they played Rocky Top that night. It was the only song I really wanted to hear, but I was not about to get out of line after having waited for several minutes. It's a sad life I live really. We rounded the evening out with a little trek up to Dan Mcguiness where yet another stupid drunk guy tried to meet and re-meet us (So where did everybody to school again?). We girls made our own fun that night by laughing at everything, and playing the too- cool-for-school card (You may think you're too cool for school.. well I've got news for you. You aren't.)
Saturday was spent lunching with Ang & Mom, and soaking in the last rays of summer sun. That evening was the surprise birthday dinner for Jean, followed by some intense viewing of the UT-Florida game. I had forgotten Jean & Tabitha were Floridians, and would thus be cheering for the wrong team, so it made for a fun evening heckling each other back and forth (Wow, that kick was a wide right... I thought it was supposed to go through the uprights) (What was that about it supposed to be going through the uprights, Amanda?) But of course we UT fans had the last laugh as cutie-patootie James Wilhoit kicked a 50-yarder to win the game for the Vols. The Titans lost at home which stinks ( 3 in a row to the Colts, too). But Kentucky did manage to beat Indiana in the battle of the bottoms: bottom of the Big 10 vs the bottom of the SEC. Ahhhhhhh- C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS!!!!


MamaB said...

Enjoy that little UK victory against my team---it may be the only one you get to enjoy this year!!!!

Jenni said...

Sounds like fun! I need a girls night out. Next time I'm in town. Hi MamaB. Ditto about UK football. Sorry, not your best sport.

Anonymous said...

this blog thing is great. i can sit and read and feel like i'm talking to you without actually having to listen. just kidding. i heart you. ~ari