Wednesday, September 29, 2004

soapy quesadillas

Who’s ready for a laugh at my expense? This story is going down in Penthouse history I think.

After Kairos last night we went out to Mac Grill to celebrate Katie’s birthday. Em and Rhonda went in together and bought her a square plate and an olive oil dispenser that has a beautiful painted music pattern on it. They match the bowl and vase that Katie had bought for herself just days earlier, so she was obviously ecstatic when she opened them. As we were all admiring the bottle, and discussing how pretty it was, where it came from, etc. I overhear Em telling Katie,
"…and you don’t even have to use it for olive oil. We have one with dish detergent in our kitchen."
Immediately an imaginary lightbulb bursts into flames over my head.
"What are you talking about Emily?" I said incredulously. "That’s not olive oil in our kitchen?" She stops and looks at me.
"Why? Have you been cooking with it?"
Now at this point all other conversations at the table stop and everyone turns and looks to me. So I begin to tell my story.
A few weeks ago, right after we moved in, I got ready to cook myself something for dinner one night. No one else was home, and it was before we had any pots and pans, so I had limited options on what I could make.
"No problem," I thought to myself, "I’ll just use my handy-dandy-can’t-live-without-it quesadilla maker and make myself a quesadilla for dinner."
So I pulled out a skillet, chopped up some onions, grabbed the olive oil (hmm, why is this over by the sink? That's a dumb place for it to be!) drizzled some into the pan to sauté the onions, and put the bottle in its proper place by the stove. You can probably tell where this is going.
The first bite I take of my quesadilla, I notice a distinctly soapy taste. So I rack my brain, trying to come up with every possibility of how this came to be.
"Well I just bought the onions and cheese, so they can’t be bad already. Someone must have washed the quesadilla maker last and not rinsed it off very well," was the conclusion I came up with. Never would I think,
"oh, maybe somebody put yellow dishwasher detergent in the glass olive oil dispenser." Who does that??

"Didn't you notice I moved the bottle over by the stove?" I said accusingly to Emily.
"Well didn't you notice I was using it to wash dishes?" She retorted.
Communication is key, people. I probably would not have even thought about this again until a) I used the "olive oil" again to cook, or b) used the quesadilla maker to see if the food still tasted like soap, if it weren’t for Katie’s new birthday present.
In the midst of us all cracking up over my soapy quesadilla, Ari says

"you were supposed to make a quesadilla Bradley, not a sopapilla."
Ba-dum-ching. She’ll be here all night folks. Try the veal.


Anonymous said...

i can't possibly tell you how happy it makes me that you told this story. that's almost as good as the time i got gum stuck to my butt. anyway, thanx for sharing. you've made me a very happy girl. (fyi, i had to refresh the page 3 times before today's blog popped up) and to think, this is your last diva blog for 2 weeks. what am i going to do with myself? i might be reduced to actually working! ~i heart bradley.

Amanda said...

Hey Anonymous- why don't you register under your God-given name so we don't have to guess who you are? Are you embarassed for people to know you're friends with me? (don't answer that!)

Rhonda Lu said...

I totally agree with Anonymous. This was the first time in a long while (like since last time I read your blog) that I laughed OUT LOUD. Last night was a lot of fun. For a good time, call 832-PETS. i heart bradley too; we'll miss you.

MamaB said...

Well, I will third that--I heart Bradley also----your story really made me laugh and I can see you now grabbing the olive oil bottle and using it. Who wouldn't----that is what it is for, correct???
I can't believe you ate those things!!!
You sure make me laugh and that is why I am going to miss you terribly these next two weeks. You are my sunshine during the day. I love you.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! good grief, Charlie Brown! i wasn't even there and i'm laughing so hard tears are coming out of my eyes *chuckling some more* it is true, real life IS stranger than fiction! funnier, too, especially hanging out with you guys *hugs* ~j

emilyb said...

So it's not that often that I say something really I'm going to take this opportunity to say that it was I who made the "sopapilla" comment...sorry, had to set the record straight and take the credit for that one. It doesn't come often, people!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You impress me. This makes me smile!