Friday, September 24, 2004

A hickinick from kinnikinnik

The first ever Penthouse gathering was a huge success if I do say so myself (and I do). We had way more food than could ever be consumed by 11 girls, and plenty of laughter and stories to go around. The mint oreos were a hit Jill- good call. After an hour or more of conversing and consuming, we decided to play Beyond Balderdash.
This has got to be one of the greatest games ever. I've played the original Balderdash before but this one has other categories like movie titles, dates, initials, and people, as well as definitions of words that you have to make up and then guess the real answer. For example- you might think the word Plangent is a planned tangent (planned spontaneity, anyone?) but actually it's a loud reverberating sound. Good to know, so now you can add that to your vocabulary along with copasetic.
Speaking of favorite words of mine: horror of all horrors, I sliced my finger on a knife in our kitchen drawer looking for a pizza cutter. This is a word, in this usage specifically, that makes me cringe! (See blog entry from May 25) But there is no other way to describe what happened, so my poor finger is all bandaged up. We weren't sure I was going to make it, but I pulled through being the trooper I am. Enough of that plangent.
The other humorous balderdash moment came when someone wrote that kinnikinnik was the aboriginal word for fire. You'd have to have some previous inside-joke knowledge about the whole "You're fired" competition between Donald Trump and Kelly Rippa on her morning show to understand why this is funny. DT of course does his little hand flicking motion that Ariana so loves and says the proverbial "You're fired." Kelly then comes back with some elaborate moves and hand gestures, spinning around and shooting a "you're fired" over her shoulder to DT. This goes back and forth several times and is apparently quite humorous (Em, am I explaining this very well since you're the only one who actually saw this segment?) So Em told us this story last Friday night and we've all been "firing" each other ever since. So of course, going back to Balderdash (end of plangent), Em looks at Rhonda and says "You're kinnikinnik'd!" Just in case you were curious (I was CUR-ious!!!) , the actual definition of kinnikinnik is a North American smoking mixture made of brush and tree bark.


emilyb said...

Yes, Amanda, you did a great job of describing it. Plangent: why is this so dang funny? I can't stop laughing over here! Oh, and don't forget the Castaway quote, "I...have made kinnikinnik!!" Oh, and Amanda, while you're in South Africa, the Penthouse Pets will be taking over your blog, so you know what that means, don't you?.........................You're fired!!

Amanda said...

well good- at least I'm not the only one laughing at me! That's encouraging. And did you also know that on Sept 16, 1921 a baby was born in England with 14 fingers and 15 toes? true story. (You have seven fingers on your right hand. Someone was looking for you.)