Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Welcome to the Penthouse

Well after that Super-sized blog yesterday I didn't have it in me to recount any moving stories for you, so here are a few snippets, if you will, of what great you missed if you weren't there.

*The hired help arrived Saturday morning after almost everything had been hauled downstairs and stuffed into our 2 cars- what? you guys didn't get paid?? Well I guess that explains it then. You sure get what you pay for. (Just kidding friends, you know I couldn't have done it without you.) (Well, I could have, but it would have taken me all weekend long and I would be way more sore than I am now.)

*Boofer trying her hardest to find the lightest loads possible to carry up the one flight of stairs. A computer monitor? Not a chance. 2 Pillows? Now we're talkin.

*Lana refusing to help me carry this huge plastic bin that had all kinds of essential things packed into that simply could not be left at home, leaving my mom and I to struggle up the stairs with it.

*Me falling up the stairs after dropping said bin due to Lana making me laugh.

*Ari shaking her head at Lana & I making each other laugh, and Brett standing there laughing at all of us.

*Dad asking me if that was all the shoes I was bringing, pointing to a large plastic bin crammed full.

*Me admitting that there were more shoes packed elsewhere that wouldn't fit in the container with the rest.

The girls celebrated a successful move that night with a cookout at Chateau Bradley and viewing of The Princess Bride which Lana had never seen (She was CUR-ious!!!)

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