Monday, September 27, 2004

What Weekend???

Ohmygosh you guys... I cannot even begin to describe the craziness that was also known as my weekend. And not craziness as in, all the going out and happenings, but craziness in like, I was at the Penthouse for maybe a total of 5 hours all weekend not counting sleeping, which was also severly limited as well. I distinctly remember thinking on Saturday morning as I rushed from one place to the other, I thought weekends were supposed to be relaxing, and that I wasn't supposed to have every second scheduled like I did the rest of the week. But my brain is fried and so I'm going to have to result to using bullets to outline the weekend of crazy Football and South Africa preparation because I'm having difficulty writing complete sentences this morning.

*Saw Wimbledon with the girls, Rhonda Lu & I went to Jonathan's afterwards where we ran into some co-workers and a stalker friend of ours. Watched football on a blue field. Tried to tell Stewart (Stewie) about the Family Guy since he's never seen it.

*Got very little sleep, up at 8:40 the next a.m.

*Watched Kentucky get tossed around like rag dolls against Florida, who was still whining & complaining about their unfair calls in Knoxville.

*bought new tennis shoes (pink of course)

*bought a digital camera

*did minor damage at Anne Taylor Loft, although most of it was covered under my giftcard. The rest were supposed Birthday presents that I got early anyways. Aren't moms great? Especially when they're spoiling you because you'll be gone for 2 weeks

*bought Em & Rhonda each a Christmas present, Katie a Birthday present, and myself a copy of Angels in America to read on the 18.5 hour flight

*yes, 18.5 hours on a plane, nonstop- the longest commercial flight in the world

*watched X-Men 2 with the George + family contingency

*met the girls at Tootsie's- Jared Ashley was there, as was Ranger Bob, so it doesn't get much better than that

*got in much too late. Got very little sleep.

*Ran out the apt like a crazy woman Sunday a.m. in time to sing in the choir at the first service

*Almost passed out in the choir loft at the aforementioned first service (no sleep+low blood sugar+ heeled shoes+bright, hot lights= a recipe for disaster)

*Left the house at 11:11 (make a wish) with Dad, picked up the tickets, got to the stadium, bought some lunch, and were in our seats in time for kickoff. Amazing.

*The Titans game: beautiful weather. Lackluster football- the most boring game I have ever sat through

*SA meeting at church. back to the apt to grab a few items. back to the house for some dinner and quality family time with the George+family contingency (ps- can I just say how much I love this kid? He makes Laura so happy. We're just hoping he doesn't follow through with his and Laura's threats to elope)

*Back to the Penthouse for good where I talked to my roommates for a whole 15 minutes!

*Jon Cate came to visit. Harassed me about Kentucky football. Harassed me about John Kerry. Harassed me about the Naked guy on my wall ("it's Michaelaneglo," I exclaimed! "It's Adam, not a naked man! It's showing how God created him in His own image and how their hands are almost touching but not quite, which represents the separation of man and God..." Jon Cate's classic response: "You're just too artsy for me.")

*Made a huge to-do list. Packed. Stayed up way too late.

*Got up at 5:30 this morning, ran out the apt like a crazy person...

*and the rest, they say, is history...

alright, now that I've vented, maybe I can get some work done. You know, at my job. The one I get paid to not do.


Rhonda Lu said...

Oh yes it was a glorious weekend! Beautiful weather, football, good times with friends at our favorite country bar with our favorite hot-as-all-get-out man on stage, Ranger Bob. OOPS! I mean Jared Ashley! AJ, find a website link with Jared and Ranger Bob. I know they're online somewhere. "You can find anything online." Contrary to popular belief I do remember my actions on Saturday night - G.I. Joe's are fun to play with but afterwards it makes you feel immature. WimbleDon on Friday night was good and Jonathan's was fun. I like seeing co-workers out of the office environment, although sometimes scary, hmm. Limo anyone??? Let's not risk being kinnikinnik'ed.

Three words for Terry Bowden: WHO'S YOUR DADDY??? Three words for Jeff Fisher: I didn't see the game and it's a good thing. Your boys better step it up ASAP.

Amanda said...

Ok, number one, that's more than 3 words for Jeff Fisher, but you went to school in Arkansas so i won't that againt you.

Number two, everyone go to
There is a picture of Ranger Bob!!! This is great. It just goes to show that you CAN find anything on the internet.

Rhonda Lu said...

Yeah please don't hold that "againt" me, UK grad. Been there, done that, already found and the pic of Ranger Bob. Too bad Jared looks like a little boy in those pictures LOL Ranger Bob's looking yummy though. Grrrrr.

If you look on JA's tour schedule it looks like we lucked out catching him on Sat. night b/c he's not there every weekend.

Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity...who are these ranger bob/ashley people that you speak of? some of us are too wrapped up in our pathetic lives to venture out into the world, so you must inform us (well, really just me b/c i have no life) as of whom you are speaking. work with me people!!! ~ari (nuzzle)

Amanda said...

Yes, but who's fault is that? On a Good night, you'll go to a 7 oclock movie with Angela and Brett- every other night you walk, work, eat, and read- and go to bed at nan-naw time. Anyway- you wouldn't enjoy tootsie's as much as we do b/c you don't like country music, which is most of what they play. But Jared Ashley is the hot cowboy lead singer of the Dirty South Band (I'm not kidding- that's what they actually call themselves) and Ranger Bob is this 60+ year old man who I'd describe as a sort of mascot. He's the one who looks like Stinky Pete off Toy Story 2- I Know you've heard us talk about him before Ari. Sorry. There's my plangent for the mornining.