Friday, September 24, 2004

real world philly

It has recently been brought to my attention that the latest Real World cast features native Nashvillian and former Vandy football star (what an oxymoron), MJ Garrett. (There's always a Nashville connection.) I refuse to get sucked into this reality tv, but I feel I must do my civic duty and check up on the guy to make sure Nashville isn't misrepresented. Already he has made a comment about "being from a small town like Nashville" (ok, since when does a few million people count as small?) and how all he's grown up knowing is "white southern." Emily and I were just talking this morning as a matter of fact, about how diverse vandy's student body is. Now maybe DCA, where MJ went to high school, was not diverse, but you'd have to have a real stretch of the imagination to put Nashville and Vanderbilt on any non-diverse list. (if there is such a thing- but you get my point) So here is my official disclaimer: Do not believe anything this guy propagates because a) he likes to play online pictionary and b) the real world is anything but real, and MJ is stereotyped as the cute, redneck sheltered white boy.

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Rhonda Lu said...

I saw MJ Garrett last night and he is UGLY! yuck!