Friday, August 13, 2004

What's copasetic got to do- got to do with it?

Friday the 13th... ooh, spooky (insert twilight zone music here). All in all, it's been a fairly normal day considering a category 4 Hurricane is in the process of hitting Florida full force (I am fascinated by this- kind of like the car accident that you don't want to look at, but you just Have to- so I am glued to the weather channel right now), I dropped half of my lunch on my light khaki pants at lunch today, and my mother hit my car backing out of the driveway this morning. (Honestly- how she didn't see my bright red car- parked directly behind her nonetheless- is beyond me.) Both Mikey (the Beetlebug) and Thomas (the Avenger) were ok luckily.
Random sidenote: I just thought about this- is it weird that 2 of the cars in my family are named after males? Someone- I can't remember who- got onto me the other day because they said all cars are supposed to be females. I disagree. I have had Thomas since I was 16 and he's named after a very dear friend. Plus, I told this person (fess up if you're reading this, b/c I can't remember who I had this discussion with), I am not a lesbian. I want a boy car. End of random side note.
Now. I learned a new word last night and thought I'd do my civic duty and educate the masses: copasetic. This just very well might go on my list of favorite words. Hunkering, by the way, is going on my list of Not Favorite words- as in, the people of Florida are hunkering down, preparing for Hurricane Charley. Copasetic, as it were, means that everything's balanced, and on an even keel. I even pulled a George W at our SOGWEAW lunch this afternoon and commented on the un-copasetic weather or something. There were those dissenters among us who claimed that un-copasetic is not a word, and to that I say, oh, so next you're going to tell me that gruntled isn't a word either, huh? Well, this gruntled girl is mediocrely plugging along, waiting for 5 o'clock to come so she can enjoy her copasetic weekend. So there. Ari- that was for you. Jinx you owe me a post.


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