Wednesday, August 18, 2004

something to make you smile

Ok, in case you haven't been keeping up with this, here is our Olympic Golden Boy... isn't he pretty? (as in, really prilly) And if you'll look closely you can see the beautiful Brad Pitt V-muscles on the sides of his lower waist- what are those muscles even called? I have no idea. All I know is that Brad Pitt (and Michael Phelps) has them, and I do not. Today's been a frustrating day at work, so I needed this to make me smile. I figured I'd share the love. Tonight is more Olympic viewing over at Emmy Sue's (hey- I already know who won- this time difference is kind of cool) and heading downtown later with Rhonda Lu to see Andy Davis. I'll leave you all with a great line from one of his songs:
"and when it gets down to it I hear background music when I see you."
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alemari said...

Finally a new desktop background!

Ryan Mac said...

That's the pose I make when I pass wind!

Rhonda Lu said...

Yes, praise the Lord for those muscles. However, no diss to those who are lacking "the V." You probably have a very funny life, seeing as how you do not spend 6 hours a day doing athletics. AJ, can we get a pic of Brad's? Just for demonstration purposes. And thanks for the wordsmithingstuff.

Anonymous said...

it's just rilly prilly (said in "sammy-speak). nuzzle.

Anonymous said...

yes, he is very HOTT. and to answer your question, that awesomely chiseled V is actually the junction between several muscle groups. the V itself is the iliac crest of the pelvis. the muscles that attach there on either side are the abs and gluts and part of the IT band called tensor fascia latae (sounds like a coffee drink, eh?)
your resident massage therapist/anatomy guru