Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hurricane Alex

Ok People! Who's excited about the official start of Hurricane season?! This is a pic of Hurricane Alex that just scraped by the outer banks of North Carolina. It was only a category 1 hurricane, so nothing to get too worked up over. But if you'll notice out there in the Atlantic there are 2- count'em, 2- tropical depressions making their way towards us as we speak. Now don't get me wrong here- I don't revel in other people's misfortunes. I don't want houses destroyed, vacations ruined, and lives endangered- but I just Love the anticipation of a storm hitting, and the power of these tremendous systems facinate me. As the weathermen count down the hours of an approaching hurricane they always have that one idiot guy down by the coast with the rain and wind whipping around his jacket that's about to fly right off him. And if they catch on film debris flying being him in the background, well folks, that's just a Good shot. And have you ever noticed how they always tell you to evacuate- don't go near the water because of the storm surge and dangerous winds, and where are they? Yes, you are correct- right in the middle of it. All for the sake of bringing us the latest news . These guys are absolute heros. Heather B, I know you feel me on this, as you have your own personal relationship and admiration for Raleigh meteorologist, Greg Fishel. Posted by Hello

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catherinelynn said...

hey girl. glad the hurricane didnt blow us away. i am soooo bored at work. did i tell you i was going back to school in the fall? why not get 2 degrees? anyway, kennedys is kinda dull right now. you gotta come visit and entertain me.