Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dave does Nashvegas

OMG, this guy rocks my face off! He was so great last night- and I swear, the concerts just keep getting better and better. While I was disapointed that he didn't play Crash, my all-time Dave Fave, I was excited to hear Granny, Crush and Satellite. He also played some old, old stuff that he hasn't done in a while, and then of course, mixed in the 4 new ones he's been playing this summer. I wasn't too crazy about the random stuff he threw in there (Cry Freedom? I mean, come on Dave, what's up with that?) But we girls had a great time. Lana, Courtney, Janelle and I met some Phi Delts from USI and hung out with them all night. Good times were had, even though it poured down rain before the show even started. True, I felt like crap this morning, but it was all worth it. It does suck being in the "real world" though, where you wake up, feel like crap and Still have to go into work. There is no skipping class anymore. It's not optional. Someone should change that I think. So while everyone else I was with last night was sleeping soundly this morning, my disoriented self had to get me here to the good ole' B&J. Which by the way, sleeping in my new contacts: not a good idea. I did not enjoy that experience. But much love to George & Laura for putting me to bed and waking me up this morning, respectively.
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Ryan Mac said...

Well since you posted on Alex's blog and helped make my day easier by giving me something to read and then comment on, I figured I'd return the favor. Amazing how hard it is to get through work...especially Friday. I wish my boss had trained me better or left me things to do. But I digress, all Friday's must end and all weekends must begin. And mine shall now. Farewell Tennessee. Go Vols! And Go Dave Matthews on being part of the Anti Bush concert series!

alemari said...

I read the setlist... wow good show. As I prepare to wander through the world wide web at work in a few weeks, I have found comfort in the fact that I have one more person's blog to keep reading. Very interesting I must say. And maybe if you're lucky I'll stalk you like all the other girls I meet online, like Jonathan and Ryan who post on my website (yeah that's right, I said it). PS sleeping in contacts doesn't change a thing, I haven't taken my contacts out in 3 or 4 weeks. It's just crap. Just don't put stuff in your eyes, like really hot peppers or hot sauce (I do speak from experience).