Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Man, duh

I am a pretty traditional girl I think. I appreciate chivalry even though it has long since been dead, and expect certain behavior from guys not because I think I am special and deserve it, but because I think every girl is special and deserves it. I just appreciate having a guy around to do things for me that I can't do, such as get an accurate quote from a car maintenance place (do you Really need that axel replaced Rhonda?) or killing spiders- things of that nature. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is "Never do for yourself what man can do for you." Of course there are times when I want to assert my independence and do something for myself. Case in point. Dena, my coworker, and I were told to contact Richard, our maintenance guy here at the B&J, when our printer cartridge needed replacing. We are not idiots, it's just kind of a complicated process to change it. End of disclaimer. Well we paged him a few times with no answer, so I took matters into my own hands and tore into the box and figured out how to replace the thing myself. "See?" I said to Dena, "We don't need a man to do stuff for us." No, she said, "we don't need a man when we have aMANda." I appreciated the pun, as it is something horribly akin to to my own usually awful puns. Maybe it's one of those YHTBT things, but it amused me.

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