Wednesday, August 11, 2004

the 7 stages of a relationship

Hump Day is almost over- this is a good thing because it means the weekend is approaching- Finally! Is it me or has this been the Longest week ever? I've had a ton of stuff going on these past few days. Well, maybe not a Ton- that would be exaggerating a little- but more than normal- how bout that? Ok- well I've settled on that, so moving on. Tonight I drove an hour north of Nashville to Clarksville to have dinner with Mitchell. The funny part about the drive tonight (funny ha ha, not funny strange) is that it took me an hour to get there and a half-hour back- kind of like when your grandparents would tell you they walked 2 miles to school, and 4 miles back, only opposite of that. Anyways, we laughed about how he was not funny (ironic? I think so), he got pissed at me for trying to watch baseball (was it My fault his back was to the tv? And come on, it was the Marlins/Cards! I Never get to see FL play down here!), and then he proceeded to ask me just what it is I am looking for in a relationship, "since we're past all that stuff" he said. Then Mitchell gave me his list of 7 stages in the natual progression of a relationship:
1. sort of talking
2. talking
3. more talking/ early stages of dating
4. dating without labels with quasi-labels
6. boyfriend/girlfriend
7. serious relationship
This may not be verbatim, but I still think it is pure crap, but he is a guy, so what do I know? Judging by our conversation, he is apparently not content that he and I did not ever actually date, although I have a stuffed pink elephant that cost him $45 dollars to win for me at Gattiland. Correction. Had. The elephant is no longer in my posession. He doesn't need to know that though.


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alemari said...

i havent gotten past 4 or 5 since my last serious relationship... i plan on keepin it that way, who needs a label? seriously? does it make girls feel better that way? ahh, i think reading your blog will give me some incite on the female mind. although i'll never master girls though, i can only make predictions and use hindsight, and we all know that doesn't work

Ryan Mac said...

Hindsight is 20/20 my friend!

Anonymous said...

being a fellow diva i can fully relate to any and every comment that my dear bradley chooses to post on her silly new hobby. we are all excentric and crazy and i have no real comments to leave except for the fact that i hope you have fun with this. nuzzle and all, and when you get favous for this superfluous little project, remember the people like me who made fun of you. kisses, your princess.

Amanda said...

true- you have to put your behind in the past... no wait- strike that. reverse it.

catherinelynn said...

i was recently given a similar speech/awkward talk on the levels of dating according to a not-to-be-mentioned bad blind date (all this on a blind date to a commitment-phobe girl... are you kidding????). this IS crap, and since multiple guys now subscribe to this crap, it must be in the water. buy bottled.