Sunday, August 01, 2004


Horror of all horrors! We walk into Chitown last night, which is my favorite place to go out in Nashville- and instead of the two dueling pianos blasting Bon Jovi's Livin' on a prayer, Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, or my personal favorite, Kenny Roger's Lucille, we instead found 3 leering and dorkish guys playing guitar on a makeshift stage. "What??!! No pianos? What is this, we asked?" And upon further investigation, my friend Scott says the dueling piano guys are no more. Nashville, we must fight to bring them back! We have enough joints that feature idiots playing Dixieland Delight on the guitar. We need our karioke piano. We need our classy night out on the town complete with $9 chocolate martinis. We need Chitown back the way it used to be. if anyone has any information on this matter, feel free to post your response, or email me directly, and in the meantime, write your local congressman and tell them you want the dueling pianos back at Chitown!

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