Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zip Zip

So as not to turn this blog into a sad-sack virtual therapy site for yours truly, I thought I'd lighten the mood and share a quirky Thanksgiving tradition that has developed over the years between me and my friend Rhonda Lu. 
One of our favorite movies is the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic romantic comedy, You've Got Mail.   There is a scene in the film where Meg Ryan's character rushes through the "cash only line" in order to avoid Tom Hanks' character.  Of course, "she has no cash," so Tom Hanks has to bail her out.  Rose, the checker, you will notice, is Dr. Callie Torrez, pre-Grey's Anatomy.  Tom Hanks coerces Rose into saying "Happy Thanksgiving," which with her Hispanic accent comes out "Appy Thanksgeeving Back."
Every year Rhonda Lu and I will call/email/Facebook/text this quotable line to one another on Turkey Day.  It's like a game to see who remembers first.  So Happy Thanksgiving, dear blog readers.  Now it's your turn.  Say Happy Thanksgiving, back...

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