Thursday, November 03, 2011

Judging my jeggings

I'm not what one would call fashion forward.  "Capri pants?" I scoffed, years ago.  "Those'll be here and gone in a year.  No way am I wasting money on those!"  "Bermuda shorts?  No way will this trend catch on," I thought.  "Ponchos?  What a dumb idea- who wants to wear a sweater without sleeves?"  (Okay, so I was at least right on that one.)

I like my classic preppy clothes, thankyouverymuch.  But recently, I finally broke down and purchased a pair of jeggings.  (jean leggings, for those of you who are even less fashion-aware than I am).  But please don't judge me, because I vow to not wear the jeggings with the ubiquitous tall boots, tunic, and wide belt. I recently bought a navy print sheer dress that works great in the warmer months, but in the fall, I needed something on my legs.  I wore the dress previously with nude colored peep-toe pumps, which worked great.  However, I purchased the jeggings to extend the wear of the dress.  If another fashionista has a better idea of what I could have worn, I am open to ideas, as I wallow in shame that I broke down and bought the ridiculously-named garb.

The one item I swear I will not buy are the now-popular, "shooties."  (ie. shoes + booties) Dumb, dumb, dumb, fashion people.  I cannot "make it work."

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