Thursday, November 17, 2011

Must See TV

Until basketball season really gets rolling and UK repeatedly claims the prized ESPN Super Tuesday slot, Tuesday is my big TV watching night.  I make time for sports, and a few select shows, and Glee, Parenthood, and New Girl, all happen to fall on Tuesday night.  (Thank goodness for DVR and on demand!)

Glee is in its third season, and while it started out strong, I feel like it's gotten weaker and weaker each season.  Though this week's episode was a lot of fun and back to the "old Glee" style, if things don't pick up, I'll be saying arrivederci!

Parenthood makes me laugh and cry every week, and I can't help but notice the striking similarities between my life and Sarah's, although I hope I'm not as annoying as her character is!

The surprise favorite of the year though is New Girl staring Zooey Deschanel.  I laugh out loud every week, and feel like the show is just starting to hit its stride now that the characters have been established.

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Cannelton Crizzy said...

I was going to watch this show, but didn't because I already have a couple of shows that just keep building up on my dvr. Maybe I'll check it out if they ever put it on Netflix. I love almost everything Zooey Deschanel does, even her band "She & Him." I guess I have some kind of crush on her. Don't tell Julie!