Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tid-bits from the day:

  • I am sickened and angered by what was allowed to go on at Penn State for so long
  • The choir concert tonight had a disappointingly small crowd, but man oh man can that black gospel choir SING!  
  • Never ever take a pill that you aren't sure what they are
  • CMA = Country my @ss
  • My ears are still ringing from that concert
  • Looking forward to seeing some family in Indiana this weekend
  • I'm excited about the potential for starting a new online Bible study in January, and will post more about it soon.  I'd love to have some of you ladies join in and have some camaraderie!
  • Did I say Bradley prefers not to wear pants with buttons/zippers?  Make that refuses to wear them as was evident by the 20 minute tantrum this morning
  • Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday

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