Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Fountain Drinks

A recent trip to Firehouse Subs outside of Birmingham resulted in Laura and I enjoying the most satisfying fountain drink ever.  After this trip, Laura & I couldn't stop gushing at how cool the high tech touch screen fountain drink machine was.

Approaching the drink machine, I wasn't even certain how to work the thing!  They had a sign posted next to the machine that I read aloud dutifully, probably causing the other restaurant patrons to really think we were some country bumpkins.  How sad is it that we had to go to Alabama to see the Coca-Cola Freestyle? (That's what it's called so says Wikipedia.)  Do these machines exist in Nashville?  If so, I've never seen one.

Here's how it works: you push your cup in for the ice, and then touch the screen to select one of 120 different kinds of drink combinations!  Laura got a Dr. Pepper, but then that opened up into an entirely new menu where there were diet options, cherry, raspberry, vanilla- even orange flavored Dr. Pepper if you so chose.  She opted for the cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper.  I pushed the button to get a Coke, and selected a cherry Coke Zero from my myriad of choices.

Yeah, I know.  As I re-read what I wrote I realize it sounds like I really am a country bumpkin, fascinated by the big fancy drink machine.  What can I say?  I'm easily amused.


The Mauney's said...

We have one at Moe's as well as Firehouse... check there in Nashville! Otherwise you have a couple of places to stop next time you're here in town!

Emily said...


Amy said...

I agree with Emily :)