Friday, November 04, 2011

The little fashionisto

Keeping with the previous day's theme of fashion, I may not be fashion-forward, but Bradley sure is!  Apparently nowadays, all the teenage girls think that pairing boots with shorts is acceptable, and my son does too.
He has these green mesh shorts that were a hand-me-down from his cousin Garrick that he absolutely loves, and the other morning, he wore the shorts with his pajama top, and Uggs-reminiscent houseshoe boots.  Immediatley I cracked up and commented on how trendy he appeared. 
If I'd have my druthers, he'd be dressed like THIS all the time!

He has his own opinions on fashion right now, namely that he doesn't want to wear any shirts or pants with buttons or snaps.  He prefers plain tshirts and pull-on comfy pants.  On the mornings I coerce him into wearing khakis or jeans, he goes straight upstairs the minute he gets home, and changes clothes by himself into his comfy clothes. 

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