Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mooger Mystery Solved!!!

A long time ago- probably when Bradley was around 2 years old, he kept talking about Koobar, and it was the longest time before we finally figured out that Koobar was the Gerber cereal bars that he liked.  Recently, in the past few weeks, Bradley keeps referring to a Mooger.  Nowadays he speaks plainly, so I wasn't sure where the disconnect was, but I certainly didn't know what a Mooger was.  Honestly, I discounted it as something he and his friends made up at daycare.
I kept asking B to describe the Mooger, and even had Uncle George bring over his Star Wars pop-up book because B seemed to think he might have seen the Mooger in there.  So this weekend we pored through the Star Wars book, but alas, no Mooger.  I didn't think any more about it until this morning on our way to day-care, Bradley started talking about the Mooger AGAIN!  This time he said that Alex has a Mooger at his house, and that it has teeth.  Mildly interested at this new information, I started to think that maybe a Mooger is some kind of exotic house pet. 
As luck would have it, Alex and his mom were arriving at daycare at the exact same time, and still talking about the Mooger, Bradley says something about the Mooger to Alex.  I took a chance and asked Alex's mom, "Do you know what a Mooger is?  Bradley's been talking about it for weeks, and he says Alex has one."  "Well, Alex has been known to smuggle toys into daycare."  She replies, as Alex brightly confirms that he does indeed have a Mooger, and through a short series of questions and answers, we learn that a Mooger is an action figure from a TV show called Samurai Rangers.  "Yeah,"  Bradley echoes cheerfully, "Samurai Rangers."  Clearly, this is not the first time he's heard of the Samurai Rangers.
By this time I am cracking up, and so of course, I get to work and the first thing I do is Google "Mooger Samurai Rangers" and up pops a bevy of action figure photos, and video links to what I can only assume is a popular kids TV show on Nickelodeon that's a spinoff of the original Power Rangers, called "Power Rangers Samurai."  As far as I know, Bradley has never even seen the show, but I know one toy I will be hunting down for Christmas this year!

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