Monday, November 29, 2004

Look Who's Blogging Too!

Hello world! It is I, Rhonda Lu! I crawled out from underneath the mound of turkey and dressing that I got caught in over Thanksgiving. I really think that the reason I've been hungry this morning (depsite eating breakfast) is that my stomach got stretched out over the last 5 days. Or maybe Scotch has moved in ;)

But yes, I'm back and blogging with a vengance. Amanda gave me the selfless opportunity to be a contributor on this blog and I waste it. I know that if I wasn't a contributor I'd constantly whine about stuff I have to say and nowhere to let it fly.

Thanksgiving was pretty good for me. I ended up getting a plane ticket on Monday to fly on Wednesday - the folks were just too scared of the traffic for me to drive, so I wasn't going to argue. Did any of you know that the Dallas airport is on the way from Nashville to Little Rock? I didn't either, but Delta Airlines has now educated me. They also educated me in Lost Luggage 101. My bag did not accompany my body on the flight back to Nashville last night. I'm still praying that it will turn up - yeah there was stuff inside that I really want, but nothing that was *absolutely* irreplaceable. I'm trying to be hopeful here.

I think that my favorite thing I put in my mouth this Thanksgiving was Dirt Cake that my sister-in-law made. Have ya'll ever had this? with crumbled up Oreos so it looks like dirt, and you serve it in a planter with a hand shovel? Very witty creation but OH MY DAD it's soooooo good!!!! PS- My grandmother makes the best dressing on the planet. (and the best homemade sweet pickles too, although that's not holiday-ish I just had to let you all know.)

My daddy got a deer on Thanksgiving. Yes, my family is from Arkansas and all the men hunt. It wasn't anything record-breaking but it was a nice 6-point. My brother got a 9-point last weekend and broke his own record of the biggest deer the family's ever killed. My dad said it was one of the biggest shot in Arkansas this season. You don't know how proud these men are of their's like meeting a take pictures of the deer, of you with the deer, of your kids with the deer, you make reprints and enlargements and you have them all with you next weekend when you're back with the boys to hunt some more. Then you take the celebrity deer's head and mount it and display it in your garage, office, or (if your wife is cool/crazy) your living room. But I have left out the best part....of which I will spare you the gory details. It's the morbid side of me that calls this the "best part." They hang the deer up and they skin him before they store the meat. As a kid (and the kids still do) we got to stand outside and watch this happen. It's not something that they make a sideshow out of or anything like's not even a big deal to these guys cuz they've been doing it since they were teens. It's just the first thing that has to be done to the deer and I remember watching it as a kid. I almost went outside to take pictures of my dad skinning his on Thursday but I didn't. Yeah, you're welcome :)


Anonymous said...

hi rhonda lu! it's funny you said that about sweet pickles, b/c my grandmother had made some this weekend although we never have them at thanksgiving. who knows, maybe it was in the air or something. as for the deer, i had to sit here and listen to my boss talk about field dressing a 10 point buck this weekend. i didn't ask what all that entails, but i'm sure you know. however, i'm not sure i want to. ~ari

Amanda said...

a coupla things:

-a very witty blog title Rhonda Lu :o)

-I have had Dirt cake before- another addition I have seen is gummy worms inside the "dirt" concoction. And we all know how I feel about worms, so I'm not a fan of eating the dirt cake with worms from a tera cotta pot. It's too realistic for me.

-And speaking of Scotch-the-Tapeworm, you can keep him. Angie thought he might have moved in with her yesterday, but luckily the little fella has steered clear of me for a while now.

-Finally- it was all I could do to see a pic of you posing with the celebrity deer. I know it's the circle of life and all, and if we didn't hunt deer they'd be taking over the world the way the squirrels are getting ready to do, but spare me the gory details of how you disposed of the deer. I don't want to see it. I don't want to know about it, and I definetly don't want to eat it. btw- What if your bro missed and he really killed Rudolph???

-Arkansas. What can I say? The best things I know about that come from Arkansas are Rhonda Lu and Bill Clinton. The rest you can keep. ;o)