Monday, November 01, 2004

Come on Ride the Train...

"The Soul Train"

This weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time. We had our singles retreat down in Alabama, about 2 hours away. I saw my first real-live cotton field, came face to face with a bull (there was a fence between us- I learned my lesson with the baboon- one can never be too careful!), and was tempted by the Chu-Chu’s Buffet in Athens, AL (not really). We passed this fine establishment on our way down, which served American, Chinese, and Mexican cuisine. Um yeah, I’ll have a taco with some chow-mein and a side of fries please. As Lou-Ann from the hit movie SHAG would say, Ga-ROSE!!!

As luck would have it, Chu-Chu’s seemed to be the recurrent theme of the weekend, only a different kind of Choo-Choo. That’s right people, one of my random, spur-of-the-moment ideas actually paid off! Rhonda Lu, Emmy Sue, and myself won the prize for best group costume at the retreat with our train costume. The chuga-chugas and the train whistle is what set us over the edge I think. It was great. And then when we were announced as winners, our favorite master-of-the-music JillyMae hooked us up with some old-school Quad City DJ’s so we could Come And Ride The Train.

Once we arrived in one piece Friday night (only Emily and Ginger can appreciate the validity of that statement), a bunch of the girls piled into one of the cabins to watch SHAG where we cracked up at my boyfriend in the straw hat, and realized that Buzz has a striking resemblance to Vanilla Ice (Ha. Lar-ious). Something else funny worth mentioning was that a picture of my mom and I when I was little was up in all of the cabins. This was of course back in the day when we were both American Indians, and before I started using SPF 30 every day and dying my hair blonde.

Aaron Loy did a wonderful job leading worship this weekend (notice I said wonderful, Emily) (I decided yesterday that wonderful is an adjective that gets often neglected so I’m making an effort to use it). Aaron Bryant told hilarious stories, and then introduced related scripture passages and broke them down into very simple, yet poignant thoughts about God and our relationship with Him. All of the verses we looked at this weekend were already familiar to me (you can never go wrong with Romans) but Aaron was able to communicate them in a fresh new way that I appreciated hearing.

Girls, what am I forgetting to blog about? There were so many fun, funny, and memorable moments that I can’t seem to get them all down. At any rate, I stopped traffic in the cabin when Vann asked me about who I voted for, Emily gained the respect of everyone with her booty-liscious dance moves, and Rhonda and the rest of the SALT team did a great job with everything being so well-planned and organized. The most fun of course was getting to hang out with my 2 roommates whom I never see (hall meetings don't really count!). Oh yes, the Twix are ours!


Anonymous said...

i can honestly say that i didn't catch 3/4 of what you wrote. glad you had a wonderful weekend. ~ari

Jenni said...

i didn't catch a lot of that either, ari! but i do know that a train with amanda in it must have one heck of a caboose....LOL! hahahah, love you gb!

emilyb said...

You bet it did - BECAUSE I WAS THE CABOOSE!!

Amanda said...

yeah- sorry about all the inside jokes- i can see where that would be a confusing post. ask me about it and i'll fill you in so you can be on the inside and laugh too!